Top 7 people of the world who have earned the most in the share market

Investing in the share market is an excellent way to make more money in a short duration of time. It also boasts your portfolio and be your boss. Being your boss, you will only be responsible for your mistake and have the freedom to take action to improvise your mistake.

In this market, you have seen many people have changed their life. So here are the people who have made huge money in the share market.


Top 7 Investor who had made big in the Share Market:

  1. Warren Buffet
  2. Jim Simons
  3. Ken Griffin
  4.  Ray Dalio
  5. Carl Icahn
  6. George Soros
  7. Steven Cohen

Warren Buffet:

Warren buffet has a net worth of $103 billion; he is the founder and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. He is the richest investor and the most famous investor in the world.

At the age of 10, he bought his first stock while inspired by the book called 1000 ways to make $1000. His investment philosophy became one of the based principles in the share market for others.

Whenever he makes the purchase, he intends to hold the security. With all his success, the investment policy was the long-term gains unfazed by short-term market fluctuations.

Jim Simons:

 Jim Simons has a net worth of $28.6 Billion and is the founder of RenTech (Quant King). He is a successful investor but an award-winning mathematician who decided to use his math skills in investing. He has done ph.d in mathematics from the University of California. And also worked for the national security agency during the Vietnam war.

As a mathematics professor at Harvard or MIT, he was highly interested in share market. Despite being a mathematician, he statically interprets the model data by looking at them and future profit and loss predictions.

Ken Griffin:

Ken Griffin has a net worth of $27 billion and is the Founder and CEO of Citadel LLC. As he came from a privileged background, his father was the project manager for General Electrics, and his grandmother inherited property.

He has been highly interested in math since childhood and went to Harvard. At that time, he made his first investment and started his hedge fund from his college.

He owns 85% of Citadel LLC, managing over $50 billion in 2022.

 Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio has a net worth of $22 billion and is the founder of the world’s largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates. He started his investment at the age of 12 and invested in the company merged with another company.

He founded Bridgewater’s Associates from his apartment in New York, which went on to become the largest hedge fund in the world.

Carl Icahn

Carl Icahn has a net worth of $17.5 billion founder of Icahn Enterprises has the most inspiring stories. He grew up in Queens, New York. He was not a good student, and his teacher discouraged him from applying to Ivy League Colleges as he learned to play poker and won enough playing.

His Icahn Enterprise has $20 billion in assets.

George Soros

George Soros has an epic hedge funds manager who is widely considered one of the most successful investors. He managed the quantum funds, with an average annual return of 30% from 1970 to 2000.

Soros is highly invested in investment decisions and famously well-informed about economic trends on a global level.

Steven Cohen

Steven Cohen has 1400 Crore USD and is the founder of Point72 Asset management; he is an American investor and hedge fund manger.

He is the investor in the short-term transaction. As the trading moves, he describes the opposite of Warren Buffet, who prefers to invest in long-term investment or trading.

He manages 300 transactions per day and does not delve into any economic details.


As you should have known about the richest investors mentioned here. Most start investing and thinking about gaining money in the early stages, but that’s not true. As an investor, you have to understand and have the patience to reach huge success.

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