Top 11 Semiconductor stocks to Invest in 2023

What are semiconductors stocks?

Semiconductor stocks are the shares of the companies engaged in the manufacturing and marketing them. It is a small electrical chip in electronic devices used for managing the flow of electricity on a wide range of electronic products like smartphones, ATMs, electric cars, and home appliances.

As the development in these stocks has brought them to the limelight. As the pandemic was affecting various stocks, semiconductors continued to gain popularity.



In this article, we will discuss the best semiconductors stocks in India.

Semiconductor stocks in India

Company Market capitalisation in ₹ crore
Tata Elxsi Ltd 42,515
ASM Technologies Ltd 594
Dixon Technologies (India) Ltd 25,809
SPEL Semiconductor Ltd 245
Moschip Technologies Ltd 1,057
Ruttonsha International Rectifier Ltd 216
HCL Technologies Ltd 2,98, 729
MIC Electronics Ltd 251
Surana Telecom and Power Ltd 140
Vedanta Ltd 1,15,016
Solex Energy Ltd 238

Tata Elxsi

This company has two segments: system integration and support and software development and services. It is a semiconductor-based company which holds the position of the global leader in technology design and services, which has paired with the Renesas Electronics Corporation. In advance semiconductors solutions is developing a state-of-the-art design centre in Banglore.

P/E Ratio (TTM): 63.46

EPS(TTM): 107.57

Profit in 2022: Rs 2.471 crore

ASM Technologies Ltd.

The company offers products engineering and product research and development services. Its automation service includes digital engineering, IOT, and a driver assistance system. This all earned a total of Rs 192 crore in 2022.

P/E ratio(TTM): 42.41

EPS (TTM): 11.84

Profit in 2022: Rs 14.61 crore

Dixon Technologies(India) Ltd.

Dixon Technologies is a manufacturing company which provides electronic manufacturing services. It has various industries, including electronics, lighting products, and mobile phones.

P/E ratio (TTM): 112.10

EPS (TTM): 38.79

Profit in 2022: Rs 190 crore

SPEL Semiconductor Ltd

It is semiconductor stocks that you buy SPEL under Rs 100. The Integrated circuit assembles and tests the facilities in semiconductor packaging solutions. The company stock last year increased by 142.23%.

P/E ratio (TTM): NA

EPS(TTM): 0.41

Profit in 2022: Rs 11.84 cr

Moschip Technologies Ltd.

This company is based on the model of semiconductors and IOT, which focus on manufacturing. It specialises in product design and development services, including chip and system development.

P/E ratio (TTM): 179.81

EPS(TTM): -0.36

Profit in 2022: Rs 6.45 cr

Ruttonsha International Rectifier Ltd.

This is a small-cap company that includes semiconductor devices and power equipment. It includes phase control thyristors, investor-graded thyristors, and more.

P/E ratio (TTM): 48.00

EPS(TTM): 6.47

Profit in 2022: Rs 2.81 cr

HCL Technologies Ltd

HCL Technologies is a multinational technology which has to operate in three business segments IT, Business Engineering and R&D services.

This company had a share price which is 0.27% last year.

P/E ratio (TTM): 18.99

EPS(TTM): 49.68

Profit in 2022: Rs 13,500 cr

MIC Electronics Ltd

This company manufactures light-emitting diodes and LED lights with indoor, outdoor, mobile, and application-specific displays.

P/E ratio (TTM): 9.52

EPS(TTM): 1.19

Profit in 2022: Rs 2.96 cr

Surana Telecom and Power Ltd

It is an Indian company that is engaged in the manufacturing and trading of solar-related products.

Its segments have renewable energy and trading. Their stocks were 37.65% last year.

P/E ratio (TTM): 11.11

EPS(TTM): 0.93

Profit in 2022: Rs 6.49 cr

Vedanta Ltd.

Vedanta Ltd is a multinational mining company primarily around iron ore, gold and aluminium mining. It invests Rs 1.54 lakh crore into semiconductor manufacturing by Vedanta resources held by the company volcan investment ltd.

P/E ratio (TTM): 7.15

EPS(TTM): 43.35

Profit in 2022: Rs 18.802 cr

Solex Energy Ltd.

Solex Energy is a solar photovoltaic module across different verticals of light-emitting surfaces and others.

P/E ratio (TTM): 233.43

EPS(TTM): 1.27

Profit in 2022: Rs 0.99 cr


This Semiconductor stock market has grown since last year. You can invest in them an outlay of their Semicon India Program of Rs 76,000 crores to develop and strengthen the semiconductor ecosystem in India.

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