Want to Invest, Here are the Best Upcoming IPO in March 2023.

IPO has a huge investment avenue with a higher chance of company capital. It must grow with the appreciation in its share value; by this, you can make short-term and long-term profits.

As the companies with the unclear trajectory of share prices and valuation during the fundraising rounds are to be assessed, the trader or the investor must choose the company’s fundamentals found in the DRPH and other online sources.


Basic details of the Upcoming IPO before Investing.

Demand and Supply of money for the IPO Investment: Large companies announce IPO issues that signal that the capital will move toward the individual IPOs (at a lower price).

Stock details and company fundamentals: The company allows the investor to assess the business with financial sustainability. The investor will also realize whether they are shares that the major shareholders can offload.

IPO Trends to assess the economics and market conditions: The IPO is falling, then they are constantly delaying their release to announce the dates, which means the economic situation is not conducive to investing.

Let us find out the latest IPO to be announced in March 2023.

Upcoming IPO announced in March 2023

Company Exchange Opening Date Closing Date price (in Rs)
ResGen Ltd BSE SME Feb 28 2023 March 02 2023 Rs.45 – ₹47
ITCONS E-Solutions Ltd BSE SME Feb 28 2023 March 02 2023 Rs.51
Divgi TorqTransfer Systems BSE NSE March 01 2023 March 03 2023 Rs.560 – ₹590
Vertexplus Technologies NSE SME March 02 2023 March 06 2023 Rs.91 – ₹96
Systango Technologies NSE SME March 02 2023 March 06 2023 Rs.85 – ₹90
MCON Rasayan India NSE SME March 06 2023 March 10 2023 Rs.40

ResGen Ltd IPO

It was started in 2018, and the company manufactures Pyrolis Oil from all kinds of waste plastics. It has the innovation as PlasEco, such as Carbon which is the substitute of coal, and Gas, which is the substitute of LPG.

This segment is extremely competitive, and the demand is the fullest size; their margins will likely be hard to maintain the long-run competition in high market costs.

ITCONS E-Solution Ltd IPO

ICONS is a New Delhi-based talent acquisition company that offers services mainly in the organized sector. It has 800 members, including contractual employees and sector, staffing and recruitment, Information Technology, FMCG, Food, etc. This company has grown rapidly in a few years, so the revenue has grown tremendously.

Divgi Torq Transfer System Ltd. IPO

This company can develop and provide torque couplers manufactured in India and has a dual-clutch automatic transmission solution.

As it was the leading player that transferred case systems to automotive OEMs in India, it boasts the largest system supplier to passenger vehicles manufactured in India. There are developing the OEMS with the following features:

  • Transmission System for EVs
  • DCT System
  • Manual Transmission in the rare wheel drive.

VertexPlus Technologies Ltd. IPO

It is an IT company engaged with Consulting, outsourcing, infrastructure, and digital solutions and services. As this industry’s economic zone will rise in the upcoming month with the level of digitization, other IT companies are laying off employees due to many modern tools in the tech industry.

Systaango Technologies Ltd. IPO

This company implements and designs customized digital platforms that are Web2, Web3, and mobile applications with strong data analytics.

The company includes web development, App development, Data Engineering, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, and Digital Marketing. They offer services in various sectors like Hospitality, Financial Services, and many more.

MCON Rasayan India Ltd IPO

The organization is within the business of manufacturing, advertising, and selling building materials and producing chemical substances. The business enterprise has an assortment of more than 80 merchandise.

Powder products of the organization are plaster, Tile, and Block adhesives, Wall putty, Micro concrete & polymer mortar, and Floor hardeners.

Liquid Form merchandise includePoly-urethane (PU) based liquid membranes, Bonding substances, Paints, and Anti-corrosive coatings.

MCON Rasayan India Limited markets its products beneath the brand label “MCON.” The organization has two production plant life – one in Valsad and the other in Navsari, Gujarat.


If you are interested in Investing in the upcoming IPO, you can trust the above companies.

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