Latest NFO Mutual Funds in March 2023

NFO Mutual Funds were busy launching new schemes related to NFO (New Fund Offers), and this scheme is on the floor in the upcoming March 2023, as the analyst believes that the interest rate cycle is reaching its end so that debt funds would be better in 2023.


NFO mutual funds are significant for retail investors looking to make their money work for them, and this is offered by some of India’s trusted fund managing houses.


What is NFO (New Fund Offer)?

NFO (New fund offers is the new mutual fund scheme by the Asset Management Company (AMC) that launches the NFO, which means that where people can invest in mutual funds, and their existing mutual funds house is launching that fund for the first time in the market.

The fund managers of NFO mutual funds collect the investment pool from the investors, and in return, they invest in generating assets, stocks, and debt. Equity funds are those in which the person invests in stores, and Debt funds are those in which investors invest by offering debt investments.

NFOs of mutual funds work like the Initial Public Offering (IPO) as the details of the portfolio, shares purchased, securities, and much more. The investor can subscribe to NFO within a limited period and purchase the units at the subscription price of Rs 10; as the offer period is over, the investor can prevail over the market price.

How does NFO Mutual Funds work?

NFO can be subscribed to the Rs. 10 and remain active for 30 days.

In ending funds, the investment will focus on managing returns rather than assets. Hence NFO mutual funds should be launching extremely important.

The Indian economy and the debt funds believe that the increase in interest rate will end up the interest rate, but it is not possible it will recover soon.

Types of NFO Mutual Funds

There are three types of NFOs (New Fund Offers)

Open-Ended New Fund Offer (NFO): The Open-Ended NFO does not resist the number of shares when the NFO is live; it accumulates an initial corpus to purchase shares for the mutual fund unit. The investors do not have restrictions on purchase and redemption requests. It is managed by the AMC or its associates and does not occur in trade.

Close-Ended New Fund Offer (NFO): Close-ended new fund restricts the number of shares as they issue only a specified number. NFOs are marketed on the trade stock market exchange and are associated with trading sessions. Investors can invest only when the NFO is live, and if the funds get expire, then the investors cannot buy the new units.

Exchange Trade Fund: This fund is also launched in issuing a New Fund Offer (NFO); it is created under the performance of a specific index such as Sensex, Nifty 50, Nifty Next 50, Nifty Bank, etc. In this NFO, the trade and the stock exchange have no buying and redemption restrictions.

Upcoming NFO’s Mutual Funds in March 2023

The NFO’s Mutual Fund is going launch in March 2023 there are follows:

Name of the company ISIN No. Date of offer close
IDFC US Treasury Bond 0 1 year Fund of Fund (G) INF194KB1FT6 23 March, 2023
JM Corporate Bond Fund (G) INF192K01MY0 20 March, 2023
HSBC CRISIL IBX Gilt June 2027 Index Fund (G) INF336L01QW6 20 March, 2023
UTI Long Duration Fund (G) INF789F1AXS1 15 March, 2023
Navi ELSS Tax Saver Nifty 50 Index Fund (G) INF959L01GS4 15 March, 2023
Aditya Birla Sun Life CRISIL IBX Gilt April 2028 Index Fund (G) INF209KB19T7 14 March, 2023

Advantage In NFO Mutual Funds

  1. Diversification- As you start investing in the new fund it increases your portfolio and decreases your risk of losing large amounts of capital.
  2. An opportunity to explore a fund –   A new funds has been created while keeping in mind of the latest growing market, technological, and cultural trends.
  3. Flexibility- NFO mutual fund offer flexibility and creativity to fund managers when selecting securities for the market. They can learn from past mistakes and improve their views.
  4. Lock in –  NFO mutual funds  allows manager to use the minimal lockin that helps them to take risk as well as withdraw from the market if they get stuck in the risk.

Disadvantage In NFO Mutual Funds

  1. No track record – It is not possible to evaluate the fund’s performance before investing. Investors must therefore rely on the prospectus published at the fund house to make an investment decision.
  2. High cost – A new fund might be more expensive than an older one. This is due to both inflation and the increased marketing costs and commissions paid to intermediaries.
  3. Growth factor – Unlike an IPO where capital is added to a firm in order to increase its share price, an NFO mutual funds doesn’t improve the performance of a fund. It relies heavily on the skills and technology of fund managers.


In this article you have known about the investing in NFO Mutual Funds with multiple benefits. As a Invest0r a proper research is very important before investing and understanding NFO. Hence the investors should read the terms and conditions before investing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to apply for an NFO Mutual Funds in India?

You can apply through the website of NFO India through an online trading account.

Q2. What is the difference between the NFO and IPO?

An NFO is a New fund offer issued by the AMC to raise or launch a new mutual fund category. The            company gives an IPO to sell shares to the public to raise capital.

Q3. Is NFO Profitable?

Yes, NFO is profitable; you should research the company and market factors extensively.

Q4. Are NFOs suitable for short-term Investment?

Yes, NFOs are suitable for short-term investment as they have a high potential to give you gains.

Q5. Why invest in NFO?

NFOs are cheaper compared to other funds, available in the market, and give a profit.

Q6. Definition of Mutual Funds.

A mutual fund is a well-organized investment scheme run by an asset that brings together a group               of  people and invests in stocks, bonds, and money.


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