How to Start in Intraday Trading in 2023?

Nowadays, intraday Trading has changed due to digital Trading and margin trading, and people perceive the right financial firm as professional traders.


Intraday Trading

Intraday Trading is also a term for day trading for buying and selling stocks. Intraday Trading means that the positions are squared off before the market goes off, and you can’t change the share due to the trades.

If you are a beginner in Intraday Trading, then you must read the article below:

How is Intraday Trading different from Regular Trading?

There is the basic difference between both Tradings is the delivery of stocks.

In intraday Trading, squaring off the position on the same day, you can sell your order on the offset you buy order. There is no ownership share transfer.

In regular trade, you receive the shares you purchased, while the shares you have sold are removed from your Demat account.

The basic rule for Intraday Trading


As a beginner in this Trading, deep research will make your market situation and the company’s fundamentals understand better. Knowing the market makes Trading easier and makes your move better.

Invest the amount wisely.

In this Trading, you should invest in the market wisely because if you lose the money, then there is no back to get it back.

Understanding of the Entry, Exit and Stop Price Setting

If you are a beginner in Trading, there are a few steps you should follow to get into the right phase.

Do not overtrade

The share market is in a toss manner once it will be head other, tail or ups and down, so as a beginner, you should not overtrade.

Evaluate your Performance

This Trading is dynamic. You must track your performance and understand the manner of wins and losses. You have to evaluate the past performance that helps you to do better Trading in future.

How to get Started with Intraday Trading?

As a beginner in Trading, one has to open a demat account; earlier, if you invested in the stock market, you had to open another account for intraday Trading.

Then sign up with the intraday Trading right tools. It helps you manage and treat your taxes differently as Income Tax Act.

At the beginning of the Trading, you have to look at the charts first to understand the trends in price movement. Further, it would help if you had analysis tools for Trading.

Where to Place Your Intraday Trading?

The segment in Trading using the right strategy offer a lot of research on it and technical support. You should have the right tools to maximize your trade, giving you a high transaction frequency. It would be best to choose low brokerage per transaction and speedy execution.

What kind of Stocks to choose for Trading?

In this Trading, one should choose stocks that have the liquidity for executing such trades. It requires high-liquid stocks, which have large-cap stocks that can minimize the chances of your trade that will impact the selected stock’s share price.

When to Execute the Intraday Trading?

Timing plays a key role in Trading. Taking action at the wrong time can be the difference between wins and losses.

Many experts suggest that to avoid the position within the first hour of Trading because the market trends will be violated during the period.

Why should you Participate in Intraday Trading?

There are advantages of  Trading:

  1. It has a higher margin available to traders compared to investors.
  2. It has a high return potential.
  3. It has lower brokerage charges.
  4. Has the short-to-medium horizon for strategies.


The above gives you the basic knowledge of Intraday Trading and helps you with strategy in the stock and how to start with it. Remember, these are basic about Trading and important rules one should follow as a beginner.

Frequently Asked Question

How much can a beginner earn in this Trading?

There is no limit to earnings in this Trading; whether capital or earning, there are no boundaries.

Which strategy is best for Intraday Trading?

It depends on the liquidity of stocks as it is optimal to trade in a share with high volumes.

How can I earn Rs 1000 per day from Intraday?

Intraday is an excellent approach towards Trading from which you can make profits. The most reasonable people who fail in trades are a lack of knowledge and research in Trading and not analyzing the market strategy. Once you go through all this, you will surely make a profit.

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