How to make 1 Lakh per month through Investing in Stocks?

Investing in Stocks have been a popular way to make money. However, it takes a certain amount of knowledge and skill to be successful.

Everyone wants to know how to make big profits from stocks, and the question that often comes up is how to make 1 lakh from stocks in a month.

This is a difficult goal but not impossible if one knows what they are doing. In this blog post, we will give you some tips and insights that can help you achieve this goal.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that making 1 lakh from stocks in a month is not a guaranteed result, and there is always some degree of risk involved.

However, with the right strategy and approach, you can increase your chances for success.

We will delve into some of the key factors that can influence your ability to achieve this goal, such as market trends, company performance, and investment timing. We’ll also give you some powerful tools and techniques to help you.


What happens if You buy shares?

If you are tied to the company’s business, then buy stocks. When a company makes profits, the stock prices will rise, and you’ll get more money than you invested.

You can buy as many shares as possible, starting from one.

To be able to buy and hold shares, you must keep money in your DEMAT account.

A profit is when the price you receive for the shares you sell exceeds the amount you spent buying them.

What’s a DEMAT account?

It would help if you kept your trades safe.

A DEMAT account is the solution it is a place where securities and shares are stored in electronic format.

The acronym DEMAT account stands for “dematerialized accounts.” The conversion of physical shares certificates into electronic forms is called dematerialization.

There is no need to present cumbersome documentation anymore for shares. It is now easier to track, manage and access your shares from wherever you are.

You will need to open a DEMAT account through a Depository Participant. Online trading makes it easier to track and trade them. -A DEMAT account can be opened at any bank or brokerage firm.

Shares cannot be traded with your bank or ordinary savings account.

Stock market trading can be done in many ways:

Intraday trading: You purchase stocks in a certain quantity and then sell them off the next day. Your purchase, and then you sell.

You can’t make a permanent investment or blockage your money.

You lose if the stock price falls after you buy them. You profit if you sell them at a higher price before the day ends. In a matter of hours, you can do almost anything.

Losses you suffer can also be the same amount. You can convert the trade to delivery mode if you face loss and have money in your account.

Delivery Trading – 

Delivery trading refers to purchasing and keeping shares for a set period. These can be kept for as long as you need. They will appear in your demat account once you have purchased them. The long-term delivery mode must be considered an investment.

In 2 years, you can get a return of between 2 and 40 percent of the original amount. This type of trading is safer and has a higher return on investment. Wrong investments can lead to losses as high as 90%

Swing trading: In swing trading, you aim to make stock gains within a short period.

You purchase a stock at a specific price today and then wait for it to rise. You sell the stock when it is high after a few months or weeks (sometimes up to 6-8 months). You lose if the price drops after you purchase. You can profit from 10% to 100% if you sell it at higher prices.

Stocks determine how much profit you can make.

You can keep it if you’re facing a loss. You could lose 30%- 70% Future.

Options Trading: If you trade in options, you can, but do not have to, trade shares at a specific price whenever you like during the period that the contract is in force.

A futures contract requires you to purchase or sell shares on a specific date in the future unless your position has been closed prior. A future is an obligation to purchase or sell an underlying stock at a predetermined time—the option to buy or sell stock without any obligations.

If you’re starting in the stock market, it is best not to trade or use trading options.

What is the purpose of selling stocks when prices fall?

Stocks could be sold to profit from shares already bought to prevent loss if the stock was purchased at a higher cost. There is always an option to hold stocks and wait for prices to rise.

However, if stock prices drop further, the loss will only worsen. To save money, traders sell stocks primarily out of fear of losing more.

How much can you make in the stock market?

This question needs to be narrower to provide a satisfactory answer. The amount of money you invest will determine how much you can make. Most trading systems will give you a margin of 10-15 times.

We all know that the stock market fluctuates every day. A stock can be purchased and held for 3 to 3 years. You could get a return as high as 30% to 5 percent.

Prices can fluctuate depending on the stock. They can range from 10 paise up to Rs 1000. Your skill is identifying the lowest possible price, buying the share in delivery trading, and selling it when prices rise.

While the waiting period may vary from a few days up to one year, your returns will be much higher. This type of trade is most popular among traders.

How do you make money in the stock market?

These are some guidelines that will help you keep on track.

Patience is vital to Investing systematically in shares that you like is a smart move. Stock market volatility is a constant. No matter how well you plan, there will always be risks.

Do your homework: No one can trade stocks overnight. They have to work hard. Please do your research on a company before you buy its stock. It is better to take time to research a company before investing. Investing in a company you are familiar with will yield better results.

Remember to follow the trends: Your decision to purchase or sell a stock should be yours. These decisions shouldn’t be influenced by the opinions of family members or close friends, regardless of how sincere they may sound.

Relying on your instincts: Monitoring the stock market closely is essential. If you want to make intelligent investments and be better at it, you must regularly follow the news and the events of companies you are interested in. Stock prices can be affected by events at times. Sometimes, you must create causal links between events to determine their effect on shares. You can gain an advantage by following trends closely and making them more predictable.

How to make 1 lakh per month on the stock market?

You become part of the company’s operations when you purchase stock. A company’s stock price will go up if it makes a profit. This means that you will have earned more than what you originally invested.

You can buy many shares depending on your budget. You must have funds in your DEMAT bank account to buy and hold shares.

If the selling price of the shares exceeds the purchase price, then you are making a profit.

If the company’s profit drops or has irrational behavior, share prices could drop, and you may lose some of your investment. Only invest in something you understand or believe is questionable.

This advice shows that you should keep your desire to be wealthy.

Calculations help to understand and quantify risk. Your investment choice may have a more significant impact than any other factor on the risk component. Many businesses are started secretly by their promoters.

The money raised by ads and loans from banks and financial institutions may need to be increased to finance the company’s growth or maintenance.

Organizations encourage the public to invest in equity and give shares to investors.

What you should be focusing on:

  1. Your entry point to the share market
  2. When is it time to exit the stock market.
  3. How to protect the capital you have invested.
  4. How to exit a trade that is not going your way.
  5. Trades can result in losses for every trader.

Determining when you should sell stocks is essential, depending on how much loss you are willing to bear.


In this article, it has been cleared what strategies you should apply to make lakh in a month through stocks.


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