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    Five Wrong Science Facts We Were Taught At School

    Schools are a place where a child gets his education and learns about different theories. But as they say that too much knowledge can also be harmful. So that is the reason why the following facts that we were taught in school,¬†are no where close to actual reality. 5. Sixth Sense: All our lives we’ve […] More

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    Mindboggling Facts About Black Holes

    Black holes are the spaces in the universe that attract each and everything towards themselves and do not allow anything to escape from them. From the day these black holes were discovered there has been a lot of speculation about their strange behavior. Here we will try to lift hood from some of the most […] More

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    10 Amazing Facts About How Your Brain Works

    1. The size of brain changes under stress It may seem odd, but it is what really happens. When you are engrossed in some problem which causes stress, your brain shrinks. This fact was originated after many studies on a group of baby monkeys where half of them were taken under the care of their […] More