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    5 Things You Might Not Know About Nutella

    Around our world, the rate of crimes that are Nutella-related is going up. In 2013 this chocolate-hazelnut spread made the headlines in Germany where 5.5 metric tons of this stuff was stolen from a truck that was parked – value of this job $20,000. A few weeks earlier, Columbia University was found at themiddle of […] More

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    Black Plague & Its Evolution

    Scientists have finally broken the genetic enigma of the Black plague, one of world history’s worst diseases. They have found its current day descendants have not changed greatly over 600 years. What changed? But luckily, we humans have. Evolution With the evolution of medicine, society and our own bodies all have far outpaced the regression […] More

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    Ten Terrifying Instruments And Why You Should Thank God

    Men are ruthless, this is what we have been hearing since our childhood. And this is true  at least in this case when you will read the below list of the instruments that were once used in the hospitals and you would thank God that these are not in use nowadays. Stricture Divulsor: This scary […] More