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    Ten Most Awesome Places Abandoned By Humans

    Humans are strange specie they like to decorate their homes and beautify it to every extent. But as soon as some problem occurs they abandon their place for no specific reason and these places are then left to the wild. Here are some of the most amazing places that once were not so great but […] More

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    News Items That Are Bizarre But True

    It was reported last year by ABC that a Russian historian and journalist was arrested after the authorities found in his apartment the remains of approximately 26 corpses. Parents came home from summer vacationgot the jolt of their life when they found their son had these corpses in the apartment they shared with him, according […] More

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    Largest “Holes” On Planet Earth

    Some say that holes are the wrath of God on earth – passageways to hell. Many people who read this will probably agree but that is probably not the case. Some huge holes that are in various areas of the world are due to human works such as mining, as many large holes are actually […] More

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    Ten Terrifying Instruments And Why You Should Thank God

    Men are ruthless, this is what we have been hearing since our childhood. And this is true  at least in this case when you will read the below list of the instruments that were once used in the hospitals and you would thank God that these are not in use nowadays. Stricture Divulsor: This scary […] More

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    Five Most Dangerous Cocktails. #1 Must Be Avoided

    Cocktails are the life of a party, and social gatherings are considered to be incomplete without cocktails. But one should be very careful while choosing the cocktail because some of these drinks are very fatal and have taken a lot of lives. This article will tell you about the most dangerous cocktails that are served […] More

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    Why Americans Should Not Disturb The Russians

    Right now America is undoubtedly the super power and gone are the days when Russia used to challenge the supremacy of the Americans. But there is a saying that once a contender is always a contender, here are a few reasons why Americans must not disturb the Russians. 10. Tanks on beaches: Yeah that sounds […] More

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    The Gate To Hell

    There are places on Earth that are very creepy, places that feel haunted and places that are downright hellish. The Darvaza gas crater fits into that latter group and its threatening burning flames are only half of it. Located in the Karakum Desert the pit attracts hundreds of tourists each year. It also attracts desert […] More

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    The Boy With The Bizarre Illness

    The majority of children would jump at any chance to pig out on pizza, ice cream, candy or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. But not Landon Jones, a 12 year old from Iowa. For over a year, Landon has had a mysterious illness. He is just never hungry or thirst and he doesn’t eat or […] More

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    Ten Awful Methods Used In Past To Cure A Patient

    All our lives we hear of these amazing doctors and physicians who used to cure people in medieval ages, though these stories are correct but some of their medicines were simply awful and would make you vomit, don’t believe us give it a show yourself. 10. Paste of Dead Mouse: This technique was used by […] More

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    10 Creepy Facts About Serial Killers

    Serial killers have always been an issue of great interest for not only general public but also the professors of universities. Here are listed some of the creepiest facts that would raise the very hair on your back. 10. Paranoid Schizophrenic Joseph Paul Franklin was an American serial killer. He was convicted of several murders, and […] More

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