Best Stocks under Rs. 500 to Invest in India 2023?

It was never easy for every user to invest in companies related to Indian Stocks Market. As a stocks marketer beginner investor, you want to invest little money in the stock, and you will not like to purchase MRF or Nestle stocks.

As a beginner, if you want to invest the least amount to get an expert in this field, it is not better than investing Rs 500 in stocks. In day-to-day life, we spend Rs500 as a daily expenditure, but if you buy stock for RS. 500, you can easily make Rs. 1000 as the market stock cost increases.

Before investing your money in the markets, you have to know the fundamentals of solid stocks under Rs 500, as it is risky to make a proper market choice and make your stocks go upward.

best stocks under rs 500 to invest

What are Multibagger Stocks?

Multibagger stocks are the stocks that offer far more returns than the initial cost to buy. In a short time scale, it has strong corporate governance to build a business model as a stock price gets double in that time that is a two-bagger. If a stock’s price grows by ten times, it is called a ten-bagger.

These stocks robust the companies, and shares are undervalued and not discovered by the market, so investment in this is an excellent option.

 Can I buy Stocks?

Yes, you can easily buy stocks under Rs 500, and it is not only you who buy your trade under that amount. In this article, you will learn about the fundamentals of stocks, where you can strongly invest your money that leads you and your money up.

Company Industry Share Price (Rs.) Market Price (Rs. Cr)
Tata Motors Automobile 423.80 1,51,658
Emami Limited Personal Care 428.4 19,214
Wipro IT 393.85 2,17,201
Adani Power Power 336.50 1,29,593
Jindal Steel and Power Steel and Power
Hindustan Zinc Minning 323.40 1,37,006
ITC FMCG 341.05 4,26,321
Campus Activewear Footwear 426.70 13,000
Gujarat Gas Oil and Gas 501.9 34,309
Sun TV Network Media and Entertainment 479.15 19,022
Sumitomo Chemical India Chemicals 454.30 22,988
Indraprastha Gas Oil and Gas 418.05 28,844
Cropmpton Greaves Electricals 366.10 23,474
Max Healthcare Institute Healthcare 426.30 40.559
DLF Real Estate 400.40 99,730
Coal India Minning 229.55 1,43,222
Marico FMCG 486.10 63,065
Ashok Leyland Automobile 144.80

Best Stocks under Rs 500 in India 2023

Tata Motors

Tata Motors is one of the best automobile companies with the best stocks to add to your profile. It was started in 1945 as a manufacturer of locomotive products. The company launched its first vehicle, a road roller, in 1948, and after, in 1954, its first truck. This company has grown organically and inorganically, firmly putting its footprint globally and domestically in all segments.

This company has the best brands, Jaguar, Land Rover, and many more. Before Covid-19, Tata motors were at a heavy loss, and there were rumors that the management would send some divisions, but it was only rumored. However company tackled the crisis, and today it is presenting its Electric vehicle in India, although companies make a lot of commercial vehicles like Tata Nexon, Tata Tiago, Tata Tigor, and so on.

Tata Motors has 12.1% of the domestic market for passenger cars and 87% for electric cars. In the last month, investors get a 6.29% return on their stocks.

Company Fundamentals

Market Cap: Rs 1,51,658 Cr

P/E ratio (TTM): NA

A debt of Equity: 5.52

ROE: -22.93%

Face value: 2

Emami Limited

You have undoubtedly used the Boro Plus and Navratna oil. This product belongs to this company; Emami is an Indian FMCG company that manufactures personal care, healthcare, and beauty products. It was founded by two friends, Mr. RS Agarwal and Mr. RS Goenka, in 1970. This company is India leading personal and healthcare business.

This company has many products that every house has used or used today. This company has 3,200 employees and is spread in 60 countries worldwide.

Emami acquired the ayurvedic hair oil that is Kesh King in 2015 and the most famous talcum powder brand, Dermicool.

Emami has grown at a CAGR of 4.75% every year since 2018, as the bottom line of its net earnings increased at a pace of 22.27% during the same period, and the promoters have slowly increased their stake and presently own 54.27% of the shares.

Company Fundamentals

Market Cap: Rs. 19,214 Cr.

P/E Ratio (TTM): 23.14

Debt to Equity: 0.04

ROE: 43.71%

Face Value: 1


Wipro is a company that has stocks under Rs. 500, an Indian-based Information Technology consulting and business service-based company. Muhammed Hasham Premji founded this company in 1970; it has more than 1300 clients around the globe and employs over 250,000 people. It has three sectors: IT Services, IT Products, and the Indian State Run Enterprise Segment (ISRE).

Company Fundamentals:

Market Cap: Rs.2,17,201 Cr

P/E Ratio (TTM): 19.30

Debt to Equity: 0.27

ROE: 20.18%

Face Value: 2

Adani Power Limited

Adani Power Limited is a thermal power producer in India with a capacity of 12,450 MW. Adani Power has plants in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Chhatisgarh, and Rajasthan and started a power trading corporation in 1996.

The company has five more plants with a capacity of 7000 MW, this company’s founder Gautam Adani presently serves as the board’s chairman.

In March 2022, Adani Power reported its high-ever net profit of Rs. 4,912 crores. The stock market rocketed, and the stock has given multi-bagger returns of more than 187% in one year of its investment.

Company Fundamentals:

Market Cap: Rs. 110,000

P/E Ratio (TTM): 10.6

Debt to Equity: 1.87

ROE: 20.7

Face Value: 10

Jindal Steel and Power

Delhi-based Jindal Steel Power Limited company is part of OP Jindal Group. It is one of India’s leading steel, Mining, and infrastructure spaces.

This company produces and sells these sponge iron, mild steel slabs, rails, mild steel, and much more, and has an iron-making capacity of 10.42 MTPA. It has a high promoter holding of 61.2%, and stock returns have grown at a CAGR of 51% over the last three years.

Company Fundamentals:

Market Cap: Rs.60.500 Cr

P/E Ratio (TTM): 15.5

Debt to Equity: 0.38

ROE: 21.7

Face Value: 1.0

Biocon Limited

Boicon is an Indian-based biopharmaceutical company that develops therapies for diabetes, oncology, and immunology, and its stocks are under Rs.500. It is suitable for the Pharmaceutical segment.

This company offers goods in over 20 countries, including the US and Europe. It’s a low-risk investment that provides stability between high-risk equities, and its stock price is Rs.307.20.

The previous year’s CAGR was -21.23%, while the five-year return was 59.71%.

Company Fundamentals:

Market Cap: Rs.34,068 Cr

P/E Ratio (TTM): 55.54

Debt to Equity: 0.61

ROE: 8.08%

Face Value: 5

Hindustan Zinc

Hindustan Zinc is involved in the Mining and smelting Zinc, lead, and silver metal in India. The company stocks are trading below Rs. 500.

Company Fundamentals:

P/E ratio: 12.32

Industry P/E ratio(TTM): 10.89

EPS (TTM): 26.85

Profit in 2022: Rs. 9,629 crores.

ITC Ltd.

ITC Ltd. It is one of the best stocks under Rs 500 and has four business segments FMCG, Hotels, Paperboards, Paper, Packaging, and Agri. The FMCG segment of the company includes cigarettes, branded packaged foods, stationery items, personal care products, and much more.

Company Fundamentals

P/E Ratio: 23.40

Industry P/E ratio (TTM): NA

EPS(TTM): 13.98

Profit in 2022: Rs. 15.243 crore


In this article, you have find out the list where you can invest in stocks under Rs 500. You should know about the mutual funds to invest in them too.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Can I invest in Stock under Rs 500?

Yes, you can invest in stocks with Rs 500 and that is good starting in investing in share market.

Q2. Which is the cheapest stock to buy in India right now?

Jai Prakash Power Ventures Limited.

Q3. Is Wipro is a good stock to buy?

As of Feb 3, 2023 wipro had $27.4 billion market capitalization, so you can buy as per your concern.

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