Best 5 Stock trade Applications 2023

Everyone can invest and trade in the different stock markets, from business owners to normal investors who want to trade in the market to make maximum profit. Staying up to date with the stock market was not easy.

Best stock trade application

Types of Trading platforms in India

In India, online trading platforms for trading in stocks when it comes to performing seamless stock without any barrier of time and distance.

Online trading can be quite helpful to people. There are three types of Online Trading Platforms in India are:

  1. Mobile Based
  2. Browser-Based
  3. Desktop Based

Mobile Based: In this trading platform, mobile devices can be used that make the use of online trading much easy to use, have portability, and no physical barriers.

Browser-Based Web: A browser-based trading platform that can be accessed on a web browser like Chrome, Firefox, and internet explorer. It can be very useful to access smartphones and desktops easily.

Desktop-Based: This platform can be used while downloading and installing the application on the desktop or laptop. It is best for you if you are traders or investor who prefer to work quickly.

Features you can get in Trading Platform in India

  1. Top-level Security
  2. Simple to Utilize Interface
  3. Exchange arrangements
  4. Front line and sharp highlights
  5. Quick Continuous exchange

Best trading apps in India

1. ICICI Direct

ICICI Direct is one of the best trading applications in India; it provides heat maps to visualize the data quickly and has multiple features charting, grid view, top gainers, losers and reporting. You can have existing, and new fund offers (NFO) impaneled with 37AMCs.

It gives the freedom to trade investments, and you may get the traditional benefits by using ICICI directly.


  1. It has multiple customizations for the market.
  2. It has a variety of technical indicators and charts.
  3. Technical analysis can be practical and simple.
  4. Allows you to have multiple watchlists and add up to 50 stocks to a watchlist.
  5. Instant paperless online account opening.
  6. It has heat maps to visualize complex data easily.


  1. Investors can trade in a different investments.
  2. It has multiple charts integrated with the real-time market that you can read and analyze.
  3. You can customize the themes and UI meer to your requirements and needs.
  4. The investors can have technical indicators such as Bollinger bands and RSI.


Rs 20 will be charged per call at the additional cost to Call and Trade.

 2. Upstox

Upstox is a trading solution with alerts and extensive charts/analytics. It has RKSV securities, which is the leading discount broker in India.

Uptox is the most popular intraday trading application, with prominent investors like Mr. Ratan Tata.
It allows the user to monitor their performance with the alerts of price and many other tools which provides quick and helpful news updates to your investment.

Although it has multiple stock trading options, that is an easy-to-use interface. This can trade in stocks and mutual funds, and their extensive charts may help you.


  1. It is very easy to use and has excellent accessibility.
  2. It supports the fast trading execution.
  3. An unlimited number of price alerts.
  4. Upstox has the speediest buying and selling execution.


  1. Upstox has limited aftermarket orders.
  2. It has no demat account maintenance charges.
  3. It can apply to 100+ technical indicators on charts.
  4. You can find a universal search tool to find all the stocks.


It lacks recommendations for IPOs and FPOs trading.

3. Angel Broking

Angel Broking is the best Indian trading application with more than 30+ years in the industry; that is a time-saving feature for investors/business people; it has unique features.

It has user interference, a readymade portfolio, and much more that improve your stock market trading. They offer the best services to their customers, who are investors, mutual funds, insurance, etc.


  1. Angel broking does not charge any fee or funds.
  2. It makes you analyze the market with the help of research done by experts.
  3. It is a low-cost yet high-quality portfolio with the help of small cases.
  4. Supports fractional investment.
  5. Have the intraday charts and live news updates about top gainers and losers.


  1. Angel broking is the no brokerage on equity delivery.
  2. It has excellent portfolio management.
  3. You can build a low-cost portfolio by investing in small cases.


Rs 20 charges per day while trading through calling charged.

4. Groww App

Groww app is a fast-growing brand with multiple trading varieties in India. It is conventional stock market trading.

They offer gold, fixed deposit, and other financial instruments. In India, the application does not charge the commission to use this service, which makes it the best share market application.

The commission goes directly into the direct mutual funds; no commissions are paid to agents.There be zero commissions if you invest in mutual funds or do SIP (Systematic Investment Plans), and you can also track investment in mutual funds.

It is transparent and simple that the customer can redeem your accumulated mutual funds in the bank account respective.


  1. Groww application supports investing in gold, fixed deposit, and domestic and mutual funds.
  2. It provides support for complementary SIPs with zero commissions.
  3. It has shortlisted stocks, mutual funds, and other assets based on the category.
  4. It provides a built-in mutual funds calculator.


  1. It has technical charts, indicators, and other tools.
  2. It has no trading account opening or maintenance charges.
  3. They have the real-time share price of all companies.


It has the advantage order types are not available.

5. Sharekhan

Sharekhan has 20+ lakh across India that enjoys the tools and customer support as it provides the customers with a large range of products for building a diversified portfolio.

They have fast and reliable market research and transfer tools, making it a delightful experience. The application leads to the trading features such as advanced charts, measurement tools, and much more.


  1. It has advanced charts that to do the market research.
  2. Have a wide range of products to trade with.
  3. Easy transfer fund service.
  4. ShareKhan has an advanced search and filtering option, multiple charging options, and excellent analytics tools.


  1. Optional and Future trading allows you to deposit the collateral for fixed deposits.
  2. Transfer funds have fast, easy pay-in and payout options.
  3. Analytical tools and data-rich charting.


High trading fees.

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