How Often You Have Sex – Your iPhone Will Track That

The result of Apple’s Beats Electronics acquisition, Apple Music will be available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Macs, PCs, Apple TVs and Android smartphones.

During the ongoing Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) at California, Apple has officially announced the launch of their much awaited Apple Music which is a digital music streaming service for both Apple and non-Apple users. The service will also cost the same as Spotify so it’s hard to see why anyone would switch without further incentive. Despite being bitter rivals with Google, Apple has chosen to offer Android the Apple Music app and it will be coming out this fall.

How many of you guys have a folder full of Apple apps you want to delete, but can’t?

However, what is more interesting is that Apple has introduced several features in iOS 9, which have been available for jailbreak fans via tweaks and apps for a while.

Siri, the voice search feature on iOS can also be used to search music using Apple Music. Apple has made a decision to make this service free for first three months, after which the users would be automatically billed from their account. There’s also a Time Travel mode which lets users go forward and backwards by up to 72 hours in the Apple Watch.

4. Apple News Probably every person in the world had heard about Google News. The advantage of this is that Apple Watch get more apps that will not always rely the iPhone. Apps that can suddenly disappear on older phones only serve to make iOS 9 even more different across all the devices that support it. It will offer users the possibility to check the latest articles from the New York Times of Bloomberg.

Apple has been criticized in the past for cutting off support for older devices too quickly with its OS upgrades, so this option means the company can continue to provide updates to devices while third parties step away from supporting them.

The update will bring some visual improvements and will help users easier create rich and detailed graphics. Apple says the update will focus on improving reliability, speed, and its integrated personal assistant Siri. Apple frowns upon doing this as it involves installing software designed for developers, which isn’t a totally legitimate action.



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