Google Maps Update: Android Brings Out New Version Allowing Users To

This feature competes directly with that built in to the Mac Maps app included in OS X Mavericks which allows iPhone users to send directions direct from Mac to their phones.

A new update to Google Maps on the Android is something people have been calling for for a while: sending destination info straight to your mobile device from your desktop computer. Google was aware of this issue and had been consistently working on it. Previously too, the search engine giant had tried to resolve the matter by introducing an option wherein users could directly search. Once it is installed on your smartphone or tablet, you’ll see a “Send to device” option in Google Maps on your desktop. The feature has previously been available to only desktop users with browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. From this menu users can share a location, begin navigating, view location data, and get directions. This option is visible directly underneath your directions with the link “Send to device”. To try this feature for yourself, you’ll need the newest version of the Google Maps app (v9.11.0) on your phone or tablet. Google notes that those using Maps in Lite mode won’t be able to send a place to their mobile device.

Want to send directions from your laptop or desktop PC to your Android phone? Instantly, when this done, the user will receive a notification on his or her device.

Using the new feature is extremely simple.


p style=”text-align: center;”>Beam directions from desktop Google Maps to your Android phone or tablet


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