Treat climate change as seriously as national security

Nonetheless, according to this recent research, considering average temperatures of summers and winters, there were more deaths in years where there are hotter summers, while warmer winters don’t cancel hotter summers.

The researchers said many studies have reported that there is a link between short-term temperature changes and rise in deaths. According to Shi, “climate change may affect mortality rates by making seasonal weather more unpredictable, creating temperature conditions significantly different to those to which people have become acclimatized”.

Schwartz adds that everyone who was on Medicare in the New England area was followed and studied the annual death rate along with the average temperature during summer and winter.

Clima East is the Euro 19.2 million project package assisting the EaP countries and Russian Federation in approaches to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

OSLO Governments should treat climate change as seriously as threats to national security or public health, partly by focusing more on the worst scenarios of rising temperatures, an global report said on Monday. “However, there is little evidence to date on the long-term effect of temperature”.

Researchers did not take into account the actual reason why almost 30 percent of the people died during the study period.

Older Americans may be more likely to die if they live in a place with a hotter-than-average summer, new research suggests.

Aside from the two patterns mentioned that emerge within their data, researchers also found that it’s not how the temperature rise and fall that kills but rather the idea that they actually go beyond or less than their average range- which our body are accustomed to.

The researchers pointed out that the main problem is not necessarily the unusually high temperatures, as much as the abrupt changes in temperate.

Climate change has been found to negatively affect health.

Before being taken as gospel, it should be noted that the study is geographically limited and has weaknesses.

The GCF was set up under the framework of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in 2010 and developed countries had committed to raise Dollars 100 billion each year by 2020 to help developing countries deal with climate change. The causes of death are not included, so a bad or mild flu season or other variable is not considered along with weather.

“This is clearly an important study”.

The risks of climate change may be greater than is commonly realized, but so is our capacity to confront them.

“We would expect that people will respond differently to climate change in different climate zones”, Shi said.

The study appears in the July 13 issue of Nature Climate Change.


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