New Wi-Fi Tech Makes Devices ‘Aware’ of What’s Nearby

Once the devices have found each other and exchanged information about a service, they can start carrying on a full Wi-Fi session if there’s a network nearby. The President of Wi-Fi Alliance, Edgar Figueroa commented saying while Aware runs in the background; the device would be able to retrieve information of nearby devices before establishing an open access connection, making it consume the power efficiently.

What is Wi-Fi Aware? “Although there are other technologies for direct device-to-device, proximity-based discovery already in the marketplace or under development in standards bodies, Wi-Fi is very well suited to take this capability to the mainstream”. Apps can encrypt the data they send over Wi-Fi Aware, he said. The technology provides an easy on-ramp for a high-performance Wi-Fi connection and works at typical Wi-Fi range. Once an interesting service has been discovered, an app can easily initiate a Wi-Fi connection for follow-up activity such as sharing photos or playing a multiplayer game. The new Wi-Fi Aware experiences will be “app-driven”, and you’ll be able to control privacy settings and opt-in to notifications.

The market for proximity-based mobile and social services is expected to increase three times by 2016. With the greater access to social interconnectivity, users can even choose not to share their locations, or even share their location with selected individuals. Wi-Fi devices will now be more proactive in offering these experiences and personalized interactions. The Wi-Fi is always on, it’s always looking for other Wi-Fi-connected devices broadcasting.

Several companies have showed interest in the Wi-Fi Aware program – those listed above as well as smartphone processor makers Qualcomm – through Qualcomm Atheros – have joined the team.

The nonprofit Wi-Fi Alliance on Tuesday announced it will now begin certifying products as Wi-Fi Aware.

All most people will need to start experiencing Wi-Fi Aware is a firmware upgrade and an app that uses it, Robinson said. With Wi-Fi Aware, that app could ask the checkpoint how long the wait is and whether there’s a faster line, such as a frequent-flier line, that’s now available.

“Wi-Fi Aware is a key certification program that will enable Wi-Fi to bring proximity-awareness to mobile devices”. Instead, Wi-Fi aware works with a “unique process of discovery and synchronization”.

“Persistent awareness to surrounding services adds an exciting new dimension to the mobile user experience and enables applications to be more social, useful, and intuitive”.

The Wi-Fi Alliance said support for this new technology is “widespread” and it will eventually make its way to smartphones, tablets, and other consumer electronics. Director of Marketing Connectivity Solutions, IoT Business Unit, Marvell Semiconductor, Inc.

The new system provides a way to do all this between devices instead of over a network, using brief messages that are more efficient than full-blown Wi-Fi in terms of power and data.

“The role of mobile in people’s lives continues to evolve and technologies from Wi-Fi Alliance play a big part”.


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