Flag with Confederate symbol flown ‘as a joke’ in Florida

After more than 5 decades, the confederate flag is off of South Carolina State House grounds. A white man has been charged in what authorities have called a racially motivated killing.

Opinions on the future of the Confederate battle flag have been abundant since the June 17 slayings of nine parishioners at the Mother Emmanuel A.M.E. church in Charleston.

The collective grief over the deaths of the “Emanuel 9” has had an immeasurable impact on the state and its leaders. They say it’s part of what made this Country what it is today, but the NAACP disagrees.

The head of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Charles Kelly Barrow, issued a statement on Thursday saying he was “dismayed” by the signing of the law, describing it as a “politically convenient insult to the legacy of millions of South Carolinians”.

As about two dozen protesters gathered at the historical flags display in the McPherson Governmental Complex in Ocala to voice their dissent over the flag, the top of the flagpole and the flag itself reportedly fell. The event not only sparked emotions, but also a debate about whether the banner’s removal would have an effect on race relations in America. “It feels like we, as black people, are more united and seeing that if we all stick together, there’s going to be a change that’s made”.

The flag was then taken to the Relic Room where it was taken in by curator Alan Robinson. “When my ancestors since they bring up heritage were the ones that were on the short of end of the stick with soldiers, army, police wearing this flag on their helmets and uniforms as they main and tortured my people”.

“That’s not who we are we are not that”. “People are elated to see the flag coming down and see the flags as a symbol of these things”. Starting with Haley’s remarkable display of leadership less than a week after the murders, the state moved with urgent decisiveness to remove the divisive symbol on the Statehouse grounds. “But overall I just felt like a huge weight was lifted off of the state”, she says.

Workers pull down the pole where the Confederate flag flew for 15 years at the South Carolina Statehouse in Columbia, S.C.


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