How To: Diasble Google Photos Auto Back Up After Unistalling

As explains, Google Photos’ settings are interconnected with the phone’s Google Play Services, although unlike applications, Google Play keeps Google Photos’ settings even after it’s uninstalled. It’s only obvious that once you’ve uninstalled an app, you mean you want nothing to do with it, and vice versa. In the video, he demonstrates it with just a quick photo of his coffee mug, but Arnott made the surprising discovery, initially, with dozens of personal and family photos he took-all uploaded without his knowledge.

We were excited that Google has separated the Photos app from Google Plus and Google Drive because it now serves as a lone app for storing photos.

Now this is one puzzling situation. You are even given the option to allow the app to upload photos even when using cellular data. It doesn’t make any sense but that’s what happened to his account.

On reaching out to Google, the Search giant said, “The backup was as intended” and users will have to turn off the feature in phone’s Google Play Services settings. Since Google does nothing of the sort, it is also guilty of misleading users to an extent.

The inner workings of photo and video synchronization on Android devices running Google’s new Photos application makes a good example of that disparity.

If you do want to switch Google Photos’ automatic backup off, luckily the fix is easy.

There is a high probability that this has happened not only to Mr. Arnott but to a lot of Google Photos users who already uninstalled the app-still unknowingly.

You can control the behavior there if you have the app installed or removed. Android will continue uploading new photos and videos that you store on your device, most of the time without you knowing it. The only time you’ll become aware of it is when you check your Google Photos album on the web or receive your carrier’s billing statement. To disable automatic backup, adjustments must be made in the Google Settings. Since making this discovery, I have re-created the issue multiple times in multiple settings on my Galaxy S5.


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