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Appealing to a target audience who desires a more classical looking functional smartwatch, could help Casio reach their $80 million sales mark without much effort.

The Tokyo-based electronics manufacturer Casio, announced it plans to launch a smartwatch on the USA and Japanese markets in March 2016.

“There is a huge market for scientific calculators outside of Japan”, said new Casio President Kazuhiro Kashio in a recent interview.

Prior to the smartwatch movement, when I thought of watches, I thought of Casio (and maybe Swatch, too because I’m from that generation). With all of the products they sell, which half of the profits come from watch sales, the company is starting from a profitable ground. The company has a history of getting high-tech with its wrist watches, including its G-Shock, a rugged watch that can link to smartphones via Bluetooth. (CSIOY) is set entering the smart watch market, taking the good battle to the like of Apple, Inc., and a variety of Android-powered device.

Casio did not provide any other details about its upcoming smartwatch and also did not confirm its operating system, but said that it would be priced around $400, which is the same as that of the entry-level Apple Watch.

Reportedly, Kazuhiro led a development team to work on the new smartwatch and rejected several prototype that failed to meet the requirements. But if Casio wants to debut a “real” smartwatch, and not rely on someone else’s platform, they’ll need to address the fact that users expect apps these days, something even Pebble offers with its simpler wearable.

The smartwatch industry isn’t just the domain of OEMs as more and more traditional watchmakers are joining the fray.

Casio says its smartwatch will be close to perfection, a device which will be easy to put on and feels good.

This territory is not virgin for Casio after all, as it has previously added cutting-edge technology into previous watch models that unfortunately met questionable public reception.


p style=”text-align: center;”>A comfortable Casio Smartwatch in the works for 2016


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