California schools lose experiments in SpaceX rocket failure

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Students from three California schools have lost their science experiments after a SpaceX rocket carrying supplies to the global Space Station disintegrated.

Program director Jeff Goldstein says another round of experiments won’t be launched until 2016.

Falcon 9 debuted in 2010 after SpaceX experimented with a smaller predecessor booster. Orbital ATK, NASA’s other supply line, also witnessed a launch accident in October.

But, he added, “This mishap in no way diminishes the urgency of ridding ourselves of the Russian RD-180 rocket engine”. The first was launched in 2013 and involved polymer formation on space hardware, which would help make long-term exploration possible.

It’s the very time for colleagues in the US to think about the logic of their sanctions against Roscosmos. “Any launch provider has to have considered this in their operational plans going forward”. NASA also said that astronauts aboard the ISS “have sufficient supplies for the next several months”. Crewmembers have enough supplies to last through October as things now stand, NASA officials have said.

Sunday’s blast was second consecutive failure of a cargo ship that was bound for the ISS.

Russian Federation lost a Progress cargo ship in April after it failed to separate properly from it Soyuz rocket.

“Orbital Sciences isn’t anywhere close to being ready to fly again”, said Marco Caceres, an aerospace industry analyst with Teal Group.

The loss of another commercial rocket operated under a NASA contract comes at a time when the agency’s critics in Congress are threatening to reduce funding. And SpaceX may be back in business as well.

Microsoft’s HoloLens technology provided one of the more impressive demos at E3 this year, with the crowd able to see a tangible hologram of a Minecraft world projected onto a table.

In the meantime, Sunday’s accident has postponed the SpaceX launch of a sea-measuring satellite for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scheduled for early August, according to NOAA spokesman John Leslie.

“I saw this ideal launch and was feeling pretty good”, said the CEO of Orbcomm Inc., which hoped to launch 11 satellites on a Falcon 9 by September.

SpaceX founder and chief executive Elon Musk later said that the pressure got too high in the liquid-oxygen tank of the rocket’s upper stage.

The Coast Guard is working with SpaceX to track the debris, but residents and vacationers have been warned to stay away from any pieces that wash ashore and report them to the Coast Guard immediately, said.

NASA will closely study the SpaceX to find out what went wrong and to try fix the issue in order to set another flight.


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