Apple SIM Users In Australia Can Now Choose Roaming Packages From GigSky

A third development was the perhaps quietest-Apple launched a technology called Apple SIM poised to instantly connect travelers with local data networks the second they touched ground in an worldwide country.

The product for Australians is essentially a relabelled version of telecommunications provider GigSky’s data roaming service. When the technology was initially deployed, it did not have any significant telecom partners, which is why it did not attract much attention.

This year’s Fourthof July shopping spree has just become more fun: Head to your local Wal-Mart (or order online from their website) and profit from the special Independence Day deals on a range of Apple iPad purchases.

I’ve checked the prices for my country and they aren’t exactly cheap, but at least they are available on a pay-as-you-go basis with no long-term commitments. For $10, one can buy 10 MB in Papua New Guinea, 75 MB in Italy and 20 MB in Brazil and Russian Federation. However a consumers visiting New Zealand will be able to choose a 500MB package from GigSky for AU$50.

Other countries included in the expansion will also show different rates and charges on the data charges incurred. For example, the best deals at AT&T Inc.

iPad mini 3 joins iPad Air 2 in offering the simplicity and security of Touch ID; both run more than 725,000 apps specifically designed for iPad and come in three gorgeous metallic finishes- gold, silver and space gray.

While the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 has been previously touted as meant to compete head-on with the Apple iPad Air 2, it seems like the Korean tech giant is looking at the bigger sales picture.

GigSky today announced that it will offer cellular data plans for iPad travelers with Apple SIM in more than 90 countries and territories. It is very likely though that soon enough it will also be available on the iPhones, though Apple has not made such intentions known yet.

“We’re elated to offer iPad users a new way to stay connected around the world”, said Ravi Rishy-Maharaj, Founder and CEO of GigSky.

But where global roaming services with Vodafone Australia and Telstra come with phone calls and text messages, Apple SIM is an internet-only service.


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