The Olympus Air lens camera can be yours for $300

The camera ships accompanied by a smartphone holder that will help people attach their phone, however Olympus Air A01 can also communicate with smartphones and tablets even of it’s not physically connected to one.

You can use any professional lens with the Olympus AIR A01 for all your photography needs. The AIR A01, as it’s officially named, is a shooter that attaches to and pairs with your smartphone or tablet – in similar fashion to Sony’s QX line of devices. The camera has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity along with same image processor and 16-megapixel sensor just like Olympus’s other mirrorless flagships. The company is also planning to keep the Air open to developers who want to build custom apps and other accessories for the Air with a software development kit (SDK).

The Air A01 is what Olympus calls its latest camera, which has been manufactured with a high-tech lens.

Engadget gave additional features such as the TruePic VII image-processing chip, Raw capture, the ability to record a video of 1080p at 10-frames-per-second in consecutive shooting mode, WiFi and a compatible app for Android, iOs and Amazon’s Kindle. Although, the Air A01 allows users to replace lenses just like any other standard mirrorless camera out there today.

Another advantage is that the camera lens is extremely lightweight and feels very good in your hands, making you able to manipulate it and take the best photos from any angle you’d like. Olympus says this can be significantly useful to avid selfie-takers as they will simply interference the lens to border their shot whereas using their smartphone to regulate the shutter.

It will create some compromises for its size as like its lack of image stabilization. Its battery life, though respectable at 320 shots per charge, is not almost what you would get from Olympus’ other cameras.

Olympus recently declared the item have its Air 01 Micro Four Thirds (MFT) the same spotlight camcorder (ILC) featured in the United states.S. and Canada in July.

Sony was the first to launch this type of wireless lens/camera which could also be attached to the back of the smartphone and operated via a mobile application. Kodak sells “Smart Lens” cameras too. But the coolest thing about the Air is you can mount it directly on any Micro Four Thirds lens.


p style=”text-align: center;”>Olympus AIR A01 Launched in US Will Hit Stores in August for $300 and Up


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