Medium stays firmly anti-password with radical e-mail-based logins

Starting today, users can now log into Medium with just an email address – no password required.

Previously, Medium allowed users to sign in via Twitter or Facebook only. The site has done away with passwords altogether, as well as the requirement of using Twitter or Facebook to log in, and will now have users gain access to their account through a single-use link sent via email.

So, the company devised a new system which it says is not only easier but also more secure. This new option makes it possible to use Medium without linking to things like Facebook or Twitter, and without the insecurity of password authentication.

Here’s hoping Medium comes up with a smoother passwordless sign-in workflow along with some other alternative methods for securely signing in to its service, including ones that employ SMS or two-factor authentication.

Of course, someone who gained access to your email could then use it to sign into Medium, but at that point you’ve got much bigger problems. Passwords can be very easily compromised, but by emailing time-limited login links to users, Medium thinks it has come up with a solution. For people who are not social network users, however, there’s a new option. Instapaper, for example, implemented password-free registrations years ago.

By getting rid of the password, Medium is seemingly taking an opposite approach. In March, for instance, Yahoo rolled out a new way to sign in with its introduction of on-demand passwords, which are texted to users’ mobile phones as needed. From there, head over to your inbox and find the message from Medium, and click to confirm that you want to sign in. That’s it. The links can only be used once, and will expire after 15 minutes.

“It sounds counterintuitive, but this is actually more secure than a password-based system”, Talbot wrote. But Blogging platform has another option – just don’t use one!

For now the option can be used on the Medium website as well and in the iOS app. Android users will have to wait for an app update to be released – and this should be happening soon.


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