Final Fantasy 7 is coming to your iPhone and iPad this summer

It’s widely regarded as one of the greatest games of all time, and key details like arch-villain Sephiroth and the fate of Aeris have become enduring touchpoints in gaming culture.

Overwhelmingly, though, those don’t seem to be the announcements that are generating the most buzz at the show.

Square showed off the upcoming app during its press briefing at the Electronic Entertainment Expo tradeshow in Los Angeles earlier today. In order for their consumers to keep track of all that stuff, Square is encouraging them to download a special smartphone app that dispenses Final Fantasy news. App Thinning, in simple terms, allows the App Store to deliver to a user’s device only the parts of the game that are needed by his or her specific device (it’s like being able to eat from a buffet at a restaurant rather than have to devour the WHOLE menu). I realize that would be a licensing nightmare and a much longer project, but with enough funding it could happen, right?

“PS4 has everything I want from a console: huge blockbuster adventures – both new and continued IP – and completely new ideas”, says James Marsden of indie developer Futurlab.

Whether the remake can provide anything new to encourage a similar success or if it will simply be an attempt to cash in on the nostalgia of its initial fan base is yet to be seen.

Final Fantasy VII was originally released on the first PlayStation back in 1997. It was also announced that Final Fantasy VII (the original) will be coming to iOS.

Periphery has put references to Final Fantasy in past albums. There will be IAPs however, but these are optional as well and we are guessing they will be either for additional mini-games or Triple Triad card packs. By building from the ground up, Final Fantasy VII Remake will feel like an entirely new game.

Finally, footage from long-awaited Sony title The Last Guardian was shown, six years after it was first announced.

It is a “marker game” for a generation of players now in their 30s and 40s, said the BBC’s Adam Rosser. Yu Suzuki has taken on the roles of director and producer, and looks to have assembled an experienced and talented team to work on the game. No longer was the game about moving from one side of the screen to another, but a real, tangible story was involved. The game is called Final Fantasy 7 Remake and it’s going to be a full remake of the game that captivated gamers almost 20 years ago.

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