New Hitman Appears Ahead of Square Enix E3 2015 Event

The new Hitman game has just been announced on stage during Sony’s E3 2015 press conference. The game will be releasing digitally, and is due out some time later this year.

Basically, we do not know much about this new Hitman yet!

Very small else was mentioned about the game, including a release date.

A pre-order page for the title, which is listed as “Hitman”, as opposed to something with a subtitle, states the game will be available on December 8.

The new Hitman game is presently in development for consoles and PC with an early beta exclusive to the PlayStation 4.

There is a world beyond ours.

This new Hitman game from Square Enix sounds like a reboot.

“Welcome to the world of contract killings”.

A short trailer showed off everyone’s favourite hitman, Agent 47 running through a forest covered in snow and using a sniper rifle to take down a target.


p style=”text-align: center;”>New Hitman Appears Ahead of Square Enix E3 2015 Event

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