Bethesda Unveils New Doom Game, Announces Dishonored 2

Doom” was the first game to receive focus. Meanwhile check out some of the gameplay footage below.

Doom” looks like fast-paced combat found in EA and People Can Fly’s “Bulletstorm”.

The game also includes a neat crafting mode, where the player can harvest raw materials from random items in the open world and use them to build anything from a sniper scope to an entire community. The game director explained how new engine and the power of PC and current-gen consoles have allowed the development team to implement dynamic things in the title and do a lot more with the graphics.

Arkane studios took the stage later to talk about their plans for the future: “Dishonored 2“.

-The game actions can be played in third or first person.

After we heard some straight details from the press event, Bethesda now shares official details about the gameplay and story in the shooter made by id Software, as well as some impressive screenshots and gameplay videos.

Bethesda were not being secretive and didn’t seem to miss much in there fantastic show, giving United States a ton of Fallout 4 at their E3 conference on Sunday. When the end of the world hits, you manage to make it into a nearby Vault, and for reasons yet to be explained awake 200 years later into a whole new world.

Fallout 4 was announced two weeks ago, which led to speculation about just what Bethesda would show off at E3.

This wrist attachment accepts an Android or iOS device and with an app installed, will act as a second screen for the game, mimicking the actual Pip-Boy’s functions in the game.

Additionally, you can get a real-life Pip-Boy with the collector’s edition of Fallout 4.

Howard also unveiled a mobile game that lets you be the overseer of a vault, overseeing the various residents-Sim City, XCOM, FTL were all inspirations for the game, along with an obscure game called Progress Quest. With these new upgrades you’ll be able to upgrade your favourite weapons, and even customize your very own set of Power Armour. In-app purchases do exist, though Howard noted that the game is fairly balanced and will not short change players with paywall timers or an Internet connection.


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