Apple Watch lands in competitive S. Korea market

In Taiwan, Apple Watch went on sale in 10 stores with 50 early buyers lining up outside the brand’s flagship shop at the capital’s famous Taipei 101 tower.

In South Korea, which is one the most competitive markets, Apple Watch got a good response.

However, experts are of the opinion that Apple’s expensive watch will only be a short-term hit in the country as many users will favor cheaper products from Samsung and LG.

Taipei, June 26 (CNA) Apple Inc.’s first smartwatch may sell out in Taiwan on Friday, the first day of sales in the local market, because the supply is limited, a local retailer said.

The smartwatch is available in Taiwan at a starting price of NT$11,500 (US$370) for the plastic Apple Watch Sport and NT$17,900 (US$580) for the steel-cased Apple Watch.

But while it has been held up as a game-changer for smart wearables, some Taiwanese brands are pitting themselves against Apple Watch with a minimalist “back-to-basics” approach.

Additionally, 9to5Mac noticed that Apple has updated several of its online sites in various countries to suggest that a new rollout will occur on July 17.

We do not have dates for all of them just yet, but Apple has confirmed that they’re on the way. “It will force Swiss mechanical watchmakers to come up with something new”.

Moreover, the device severely suffers supply constraints though Apple is trying to fast pace its delivery mechanism by allowing in-store sales and by adding new countries to the list of places where it will be available. Many said it will be their first timepiece.


p style=”text-align: center;”>Released in the United States in April the Apple Watch has been gathering popularity abroad with industry tracker Slice Intelligence claiming the sales reached 2.79 million units through June


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