Facebook allows users to use Messenger without account

This confirms that Facebook users on Messenger can be able to use features like voice and video calling, group chats, photos, videos and stickers on Messenger even without adding their Facebook account. The change will initially be available to the users in the USA and Canada, Peru and Venezuela.

The feature will be available as soon as you start up messenger which only requires your first name, last name and phone number, not even email address.

You can, of course, still sign in to messenger using your Facebook account, and therefore the social networking site says there are “many benefits” to doing this. Starting today, you can sign up and use Facebook Messenger without having a Facebook account.

This move is seen as Facebook’s aggressive bid to make FB messenger a stand-alone product. The sign up process is much easier also. There is no information yet that it will also make its way to other platforms, like Windows Phone. If you comprise this camp, simply choose the option “Not on Facebook” on the messenger welcome screen. Messenger, meanwhile, has 600,000,000 users as of March.

The Messenger- free SMS alternative of Facebook has made a place in the emerging markets where population does not use Facebook.

Currently, Facebook boasts 1.44 billion users worldwide, making it the largest social network in the world. Detaching Messenger from Facebook is another carefully crafted strategy to expand the adoption of the app.

This year previously Facebook released its Messenger to inventors, and Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg stated that he desired to connect the users directly with dealers, restaurants and other businesses.

After breaking off Messenger into a standalone app, Facebook is giving the texting app a new level of autonomy.

The biggest irritation with the Facebook Messenger linking is that one still gets the messages as an inbox on Facebook, leading to too many notifications.


p style=”text-align: center;”>Facebook allows users to use Messenger without account


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