Apple Will Restrict Sharing of App Data with Advertisers

Apple released a second beta build of iOS 9 this week, and developers have discovered a few neat tricks hidden within the update.

Better yet, all personal data related to the apps will be kept in tact, meaning you won’t have to go through tedious registrations or log-ins again. If a device is low on the storage space needed to unpack the installation software or create temporary files, a pop-up message appears: “Insufficient Space for Download”.

But the latest version of the iOS 9 preview features a clever solution for that notorious problem.

It is not clear, however, what happens to the data contained within those apps.

App Deletion offers those with limited space the option to automatically delete, and then later reinstall, apps. Apple scolded iHasApp’s customers for “using public APIs in a manner not prescribed by Apple” according to Efrati.

In a tweak to the upcoming iOS 9, apps will no longer be allowed to scan users’ devices to see what apps they have installed.

Speaking of user experience, there will be a Multitasking icon on the home screen, referring to productivity tasks which are always tricky to be managed.

At the same time, some iPhone users might appreciate the extra privacy. However, this is likely to change with iOS 9.

Updating your iPhone is always kind of a pain. It would affect advertisers and publishers that rely on ad sales for a major chunk of their total revenue. Advertisers and publishers are anxious about Apple’s crackdown on advertising.

Other key features of iOS 9 include enhanced Notes with media attachments, bulleted lists and drawings, Maps with Transit, enhanced mail, smarter and pro-active Siri, Spotlight recommendations, additional content sources and more.


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