A dozen Sony Xperia devices get access to Android M Developer Preview

Google’s Android M developer preview released for Sony Xperia devices participating in their Open Device Program.

Keep in mind that Android M is still very much a work in progress ahead of its full launch, likely sometime this fall, and Google does not recommend you install it on a daily driver.

What benefit Sony will personally derive out of this exercise is hard to tell, but given some of the gadgets in their Open Device programme are two to three years old, Sony may try and evaluate if they will be able to carry and sync with the Android M platform.

It must be noted that Android M Developer Preview is not meant for everybody.

While many users end up running the Android Developer Previews for fun, Sony’s implementation sounds like it’s for advanced users only.

It’s possible, of course, that most phone makers simply don’t want to bother with a developer preview release. If not, they can manually search for it by utilizing the Software Update page listed in their device’s settings. Through Sony’s “Open Device” program, the Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact, Z2, Z2 Tablet, Z1, Z1 Compact, E3, M2, T2 Ultra, and T3 are all supported.

A few changes that have been brought about with Google’s latest Android M such as new permission system have been emphasized by the company. The potential names include Marshmallow, Muffin, Marmalade, Macaroon and M&Ms as the least likely option.

Android Pay, one of the included features in the upcoming Android M version, will be poised to take on Apple’s similarly named Apple Pay service which is now rapidly gaining traction throughout the United States, and is now making its way to the United Kingdom. In addition, it also includes adoptable storage devices, new RAM manager, new app drawer, support for USB Type-C ports, auto backup and restore for apps.


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