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Google is looking for people to test its Jump virtual reality video capture platform. In collaboration with GoPro, Google will make VR video capturing a simple and seamless experience.

There’s no telling how many “select creators” will get access to the Jump, beginning this summer, but one would think that YouTube content creators with high volume of views-and with a good idea for its use- might get first dibs. The two-page form simply asks for some basic biographical information, as well as an explanation of what it is exactly you’d like to do with your Jump rig.

The Jump rig is a multi-camera array developed by combined efforts from Google and GoPro.

The tech giant is opening up invitations to anyone interested in trying out its new Jump virtual reality rig.

Google seems especially interested in people with creative backgrounds.

There’s also a section where applicants can explain why they want to test Jump – and “awesome answers might put you at the top of the list”, Google said.

Flmmakers, producers, artists, and journalists are probably the type of people Google wants as testers. The more details you provide then the more chance you have of being picked. You can find out more by clicking the source link below and heading straight over to the Jump sign-up page.


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