NASA has a robot in International Space Station

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is scheduled to launch with a Dragon cargo capsule destined for the global Space Station at 110:21 a.m. on Sunday, June 28. Robonaut 2’s home is ISS, where it works side by side with human astronauts.

While R2 resides aboard the worldwide Space Station (ISS), numerous technologies developed for R2 are being adapted for use on Earth, helping to give it the distinction of an outstanding invention, NASA said.

The robot was chosen from amongst many different priceless improvements by the NASA Invention and Contributions Board, NASA General Counsel and the NASA Administrator, Charlie Bolden.

These entities evaluated R2 in the following areas: Aerospace Significance, Industry Significance, Humanitarian Significance, Technology Readiness Level, NASA Use, Industry Use and Creativity.

He said NASA will be forced to rely on Russia and pour into the Russian space program hundreds of millions instead of developing its own space program.

R2 was co-developed with General Motors (GM) by means of a Space Act Agreement.

The first Robonaut, R1, was constructed as a floor prototype to discover the potential for a humanoid robot to assist astronauts throughout spacewalks by getting ready worksites and offering an additional pair of dexterous palms throughout upkeep duties.

NASA is working on multiple iterations of the Robonaut, including a version called the Centaur. According to the space agency, they have gained further expertise in expanding robotic technologies for space and Earth applications through the successful creation of partnerships with outside organizations.

As we reflect upon, and celebrate, both the first human lunar landing 46 years ago and the more recent successful Orion flightul Orion flight test, it is important to focus on the path forward for human space exploration.

Robonaut 2 DEFINITELY isn’t as cute as this tiny robot.

. We do want to mention that the R2 will most likely be capable of conducting real-life surgeries in the future, as it is already being taught several procedures by some of the greatest medics in the world.


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