Samsung to plug security hole on Galaxy smartphones – News – PC Advisor

Users have observed problems in the latest Android 5.0 update in Samsung devices, but the tech giant is rolling out another update in an attempt to fix the bugs.

NowSecure claims that more than 600 million Samsung phones might be affected from a security flaw which comes from the phone’s virtual keyboard, which would allow a hacker to execute code on the device from a remote location with the credentials of a privileged user.

It should be noted that only the pre-installed SwiftKey app is vulnerable, not the ones from Google Play Store or Apple iOS Store.

Recent leaks suggest the Note 5 will feature a 5.9-inch Super AMOLED display, which is a surprise that some people may need to see to believe.

According to NowSecure, the attack vector is open even if the default keyboard is not Swift. It is unknown whether most mobile carriers actually applied the patch through their networks. “Samsung takes all security threats very seriously”, the company said in its post. But as the reports indicate, the risk does exist and Samsung will roll out a security policy update in the coming days.

These Samsung smartphone models are available for users to purchase online, or specifically from a Chinese retailer. The security vulnerability pertaining to the Swiftkey app is chiefly rooted in the manner in which the app has been updated, as that is done via an unsecured channel.

“The vulnerability in question is not easy to exploit, ’ she said”.

The Samsung Galaxy J7 will come with a 5.5 inch 720P display.

“Our sources have told us that Samsung “screwed up” how they implemented Swiftkey’s SDK into their keyboard”, TC writes. “We are carrying out nearly everything we can to support our lengthy-time companion Samsung in their efforts to resolve this critical security challenge”.

Samsung said the likelihood of an attacker successfully exploiting this vulnerability is low. The possibility of a hacker’s attack can only happen if your phone is connected to a Wi-fi network, particularly when the keypad software automatically does system upgrade.


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