Apple planning FaceTime camera, $1000+ models for Apple Watch 2

Apple Watch sales have already slowed since an estimated 1 million units were sold in its first weekend, S&P Capital IQ analyst Angelo Zino said in an interview with CNBC.

Five years from now we may look back at the first Apple Watch and see a very limited device embraced only by Apple-heads, nerds and people wealthy enough to buy one just for the novelty value. If the video messaging becomes a primary means of communication for some users, battery life may become a very serious problem for Watch engineers. The new feature of their next product will be definitely a FaceTime camera which helps the users to make video calls. Apple has also been placed under scrutiny regarding the battery life of its devices in general, and there have already been a significant number of reports emerging that suggest that the iPhone range will be redesigned in the next generation in order to enable a longer battery life.

Although Apple has not made any announcement regarding the Apple Watch 2’s release, 9to5Mac appears to have gotten its hands on the tech giant’s plans for the upcoming device. Apple has found that the average Apple Watch owner has at least a 30 percent charge remaining at the end of each day, so the battery of the new Apple Watch will receive only a marginal upgrade while the company concentrates on the wearable’s hardware. Other rumors about a next-gen Apple Watch indicate that the company is looking at the creation of additional watch models priced in between its cheapest $249 devices and its midrange $549 watches, according to reports. The new watchOS 2 software will be available in the fall and will bring new features and options as well as new tools to allow developers to add even more future functions.

In the last few weeks, Apple has opened the ordering up so that consumers can reserve and pickup the Apple Watch for those that live in the United States, United Kingdom or Australia.

The company even announced about adding support to the audio calls of FaceTime at the Worldwide Developers Conference this month. The first Apple Watch was released just two months ago. Some of the health functionality that Apple has planned for the initial Apple Watch was scuppered by technological issues, and Apple will be beavering away behind the scenes to ensure that it can be included this time out.

Apple is also likely to include new health-tracking functionality when the second model of the Apple Watch is released. Will Apple start a trade-in and melt-down program? The regular Apple Watch can be purchased with a fluoroelastomer band or one of three different leather bands.


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