Virtual reality rules floor at E3

We played virtual ping pong across an intangible table, swinging a non-existent paddle and hitting every shot back, and reached into a zero-G void (because virtual reality doesn’t have to adhere to conventional laws of physics) to stop items floating off.

“We believe it has tremendous potential and it’s not just about expensive high-end devices such as the Oculus Rift“.

Walking around the show floor is a bewildering experience and I got lost on more than one occasion.

However, there has been news that Oculus Rift is planning to further improve its screen.

And when you see things like ILM’s xLAB launch promo, it’s hard to argue with the promise of taking a step into beloved worlds that have only existed behind the glass of your screen or in the words on a page.

Nintendo though are not as interested as you would think. As you explore the system, the pressure is on since your suit only holds so much oxygen. Games like The Witcher 3 can unsheathe their blades and un-bodice their breasts with reckless abandon, but smaller games more explicitly focused on romance and sex often have to release censored versions. Jaw-drops are the rule, not the exception.

The forecast was compiled by communication technology analyst firm CCS Insight, which considers virtual reality technology the potentially most disruptive new trend in the coming decade. Imagine walking into a forest, and being able to find virtual treasure chests on your hike because you preloaded Legend of Zelda into your Hololens.

Oculus also announced the Oculus Touch. The camera was always fixed behind me and only moved when I turned my head in whatever direction I was looking, for the most part it was effective in showcasing how the Rift could be utilized in a third-person view and augmented the cinematic tension when rope climbing down to the unknown abyss.

Don’t let these detractions suggest I’m writing off VR or Oculus’ efforts in that space entirely.

Today, most of the companies developing low-priced virtual reality headsets for consumers are in places like Japan, Taiwan, Washington State, and California, where Oculus is headquartered.

This was my takeaway after a couple weeks and an aborted hands-on article with an preliminary headset. I’m all in.

“””(It) feels very immersive in the visual effects”. In mid-2015, he says, VR feels a bit like smartphones “right before the iPhone came out”.

But, with your head in goggles immersed in another world this can be a problem. And the shotgun controller, as long as it doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars (as specialized PC controllers often do), will be an essential companion for Overkill’s The Walking Dead (a reasonably-priced bundle would be a great incentive for gamers to invest in the platform… you hear that, Starbreeze?). There’s no way to pass items from one hand to the other, though you can pass held items to another player using Touch.

Sorry Oculus but you’re headset looks bland and uninteresting. And then we’ll all be casually slipping into “The Matrix” from the comfort of our own homes.

For now though, I expect gamers will be more than happy with what 2015 has to offer. But I do have hope. However, we need to have faith in people being able to enjoy the virtual world without losing sight of what is real.


p style=”text-align: center;”>Virtual reality rules floor at E3


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