Nintendo charts return of ‘Legend of Zelda,’ ‘Star Fox’ at Electronic Entertainment

The spin-off Zelda game will be released for Nintendo 3DS. “By using two screens, you can see yourself flying on the TV while shooting enemies below you on the GamePad”, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto said during his company’s video stream. This is the first game in the franchise since its five-year hiatus after the Wii release of “Metroid: Other M”.

Following up on A Link Between Worlds, Nintendo has a new top-down Zelda game for 3DS where you can solve puzzles co-operatively.

In addition to its new titles, Nintendo also demoed its flagship game-creator Super Mario Maker and fuzzy platformer Yoshi’s Woolly World, both of which launch in 2015.

LOS ANGELES – Nintendo’s Super Mario franchise turns 30 this year, a relatively youthful mark for a human but a positively elderly age for a video game series.

Announcement about which new characters will join based on the character voting poll that they did earlier this year.

We just wish Nintendo had more enthusiasm for their current flagship system. A singleplayer mode is also available. He probably should have used the word “transition”, because by revealing only two new Wii U games at their event – and zero third-party games – the company is making a pretty strong statement about the limited lifespan of that console. You can also demo the game tomorrow (Wednesday, June 16) at a Best Buy near you from 4 to 9 PM local time and score yourself a special pin (while supplies last).

Animal Crossing amiibo Festival (2015). The Nintendo Wii U and 3DS look like they’ll be flush with games.

The next installment of the Mario and Luigi RPGs for Nintendo’s handhelds mixes in Paper Mario elements, including a third member for adventuring and battling. A unusual clash of art styles.

The quirky presentation was made, in part, by puppet versions of Nintendo bosses, including chief executive Satoru Iwata.

“Fire Emblem If” is coming to the U.S. under a new title, “Fire Emblem Fates“. Paper Jam is slated for a 2016 release.

Nintendo revealed a new Amiibo-focused Animal Crossing digital board game.

But it isn’t the only old game getting attention this week. Even the dialogue and text was Japanese, so not really sure what was happening with this one.

IMPRESSIVE: The graphics for Xenoblade Chronicles X looks fantastic. Not long to wait now. I’m most excited to check out the different types of vehicles that the game will have.

Yoshi’s Wooly World (2015).

Yo-kai Watch (2015). They will work in Skylanders Super Chargers on Wii U and 3DS with their own vehicles. Nintendo hopes the English version can take off here as well.

What other Super Mario staples do you think Mario Ultra Tennis Smash should include in the game?


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