Google-owned Nest unveils a smart camera for the home

Nest’s troubled Nest Protect carbon monoxide and smoke detector line is getting a much-needed refresh too.

SAN FRANCISCO – Google’s Nest Labs is releasing new versions of its surveillance-video camera and talking smoke detector as part of its attempt to turn homes into yet another thing that can be controlled and tracked over the Internet. Nest Aware will highlight and summarize specific recording times so you don’t have to sit through hours of boring video.

The Nest Cam is a lot like the Dropcam Pro.

The Nest Cam costs £159 and will be available to buy in early July in the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Ireland.

Shooting video in 1080p high-definition with a wide-angle glass lens and three megapixel sensor, the Nest Cam retails for €199, and can upload 10-30 days worth of continuous video to the newly announced Nest Aware cloud service.

Most people place Dropcams – and will place Nest Cams – around inside their houses.

Google’s Nest unit is pouring resources into its product lineup to convince consumers they need to modernize their home gear with connected, intelligent devices as it competes with rivals such as Samsung and Apple. Users can also take advantage of silencing and safety checkups from the companion mobile app.

Talk and Listen is Nest’s name for the Nest Cam’s speaker functionality for instance, for chatting to pets back at home. And if your home starts filling with smoke in an emergency, your Nest Protect and the Nest Learning Thermostat now work together to shut down your furnace and prevent the circulation of hazardous air. (Just do not share the creepy ones, please.) The app can also algorithmically figure out which clips you’ll want to see, and show those first-it’s basically what you would expect from the combination of Dropcam and Google.

As with the first generation model, the new Protect tests itself over 400 times per day to ensure it is working correctly. The first generation Protect used a single photoelectric smoke sensor, which is great at detecting the large smoke particles created by slow burning fires, but less so at detecting fast-burning fires. It will cost $99, the same price as the first-generation version.

The new Nest Protect will come with an App Silence feature.

Nest didn’t announce an all-new thermostat, but it is adding a couple of features via a software update.

Nest Learning Thermostat gets a software update that gives it better integration with Nest Protect and safety temperature alerts.

We’ve made the entire Nest Protect experience more attractive.


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