The Last Guardian coming to PS4 in 2016

Image from PlayStation YouTube page.

PS3 and PS4 owners in the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas can join those now in Chicago, Philadelphia and New York in subscribing to Vue, the Sony TV service that is cloud based.

Sony’s Playstation Vue offers a la carte TV channels.

The game’s first trailer follows below. That’s not all, Ueda confirmed his full role with the development of The Last Guardian and promised more project beyond. A reality where games drive innovation, where games are filled with intelligence, insight and emotional narrative.

It looked really impressive, but I remain skeptical about how that functionality will be used in games that aren’t like Minecraft. Indeed, A reality where games are the cultural zeitgeist. Sony hopes it can differentiate itself by providing support for multi-player mode and first-person shooter games.

Sony also posted a marketing video about PS Vue. The latter game will be available in November, with the new “Doom” set for spring 2016. Its premise is like an amalgam of those two games, which were both about companionship, giants and deafeningly quiet fantasy worlds. “You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this moment to introduce The Last Guardian“.

The Last Guardian is due out in 2016 for the PlayStation 4. A demo of Final Fantasy VII Remake drew the loudest cheers at Sony’s presentation, and boosted shares of its developer, Square Enix Holdings. Kickstarter was flooded so fast with eager donors that it actually caused the website to crash for several minutes!

Microsoft studios announced a partnership with famed Japanese game designer Keiji Inafune, Mark Pacini and teams at Comcept and Armature Studio to debut an all-new Xbox One exclusive titled ‘ReCore.’.

The other classic game making a return is Shenmue III.

A mention must also go to the Batman Arkham Knight trailer for being one of the most chilling of the day – giving Doom a run for its money in the sinister stakes. The game pits bow and arrow-wielding humans against huge, dinosaur-like robots. There were no hardware announcements but there were a bunch of new games to show. The demo shown during the event suggests things are finally running smoothly, with a familiarly bleak aesthetic and simple but compelling-looking gameplay.

While Sony’s VR headset, Project Morpheus, made an appearance, details were thin on the ground. “Encouraging developers to examine with fresh eyes the wonder and delight of even the most basic gaming experiences”.


p style=”text-align: center;”>Attendees react to a video game demonstration during the Sony Playstation at E3 2015 news conference at the Los Angeles Sports Arena on Monday


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