E3 2015: Final Fantasy VII PS4 Remake Gets First Trailer

Once again Final Fantasy VII and JRPG fans will be left in the lurch trying to ascertain whether this remake is plausible.

The long-awaited update of the series’ most successful title is finally coming.

Guess we’ll have to wait for Square Enix’s E3 presentation to see if there is anything to learn this year. Wild and outrageous applause. It wasn’t the Final Fantasy VII remake everyone wanted.

Naturally, so did the Internet.

Two trailers were shown during Sony’s press conference, the first of which is for World of Final Fantasy.

Now, at long last, those fans are being rewarded for their patience. Rather, it will be a full remake with reworked visuals to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the game. However, we’ve been squashed by this rumor before, and Square Enix has been trying to reel in its over-ambitiousness as of late, not make them explode into the stratosphere. What is undeniable, however, is Final Fantasy VII will be a massive hit for Sony, but it could also bite them if it’s not done well. We wondered what game it could be at first, but then once the music kicked in, followed by a behind view look at Cloud and his Buster Sword it was unmistakable. That being said, if the trailer’s visuals are anything like the final game’s, the Final Fantasy VII remake could be one of the system’s prettiest games yet.

[Image via Square Enix].


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