Apple’s HomeKit can be controlled from iCloud with iOS 9

Philips was one of the first on board with a rival smart home offering from Nest Labs, owned by Google. It doesn’t mean Philips will support you any less than they did in the past.

Towards that end, Apple’s Senior VP of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, told the attendees of the WWDC 2015 event that new HomeKit-certified products will be launched on the market in the coming months. Apple didn’t go into detail on its new HealthKit features, but its developer page shows that HealthKit will be able to track cervical mucus, menstrual flow, and ovulation. Yes, said Daniel Cooper, the Hue bulbs you already assembled will be compatible. Rather than building a specific HomeKit app, HomeKit basically works as a backbone that ties all of these products together and allows individual apps to control many of them at once.

This video is not supported by your browser at this time. HomeKit controls the basic things now like locks and lights. Siri is in the picture, as its voice technology is to enable users to direct tasks such as turning off the lights, locking doors or closing a garage. The company didn’t specify if users will still need an Apple TV installed in their home to act as a hub for HomeKit devices in the keynote.

HomeKit is in brief a home automation framework. Other newly announced categories included security systems and carbon monoxide detectors. It sounds like existing devices will be work with HomeKit, too.

In amongst higher-profile reveals regarding Apple Music and new iOS 9 features, information on HomeKit was a small harder to find.

With the integration between Apple’s HomeKit and Philips’ Hue-connected bulbs and bridge, users can try shades of white or even play with all 16 million colors available in the spectrum.



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