Has Male Tiger Adopted A Litter Of Orphaned Cubs ?

Raising tiger babies or cubs to adulthood is in the majority of cases the job for mom all alone, with tiger fathers having very little interest in raising the cubs. But recently experts at a wildlife preserve in India, believe that perhaps for the very first time a male tiger has adopted a litter of cubs that were left orphaned when mother died. But this fatherly gesture is not just really sweet – it is also exceptionally rare.


Experts from Ranthambore Tiger Reserve feared the worst for this litter that was missing after mother died last February. Left in the wild with no protection gave these cubs absolutely no chance of surviving from both other tigers and outside predators.

But they soon made the discovery that the cubs had been accepted by a lone Tiger male. Male tigers are almost always cautious of cubs with outside males killing the young of females in order to mate with her. So needless to say a male taking the entire responsibility of raising a litter of cubs has amazed officials.

Perhaps even more amazing is the male has taken to playing ‘mom’ quite well. Reportedly he has reduced his territory for roaming to be closer to the litter and has been seen sharing meals with the cubs.


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