Interesting Animal Stories

5) The Dog Who Face bin Laden1

Frequently we are told that a dog is man’s best friend – but, not so for the man Osama bin Laden. This is one of the overlooked stories in the operation that was carried out by the American commando that went to Pakistan and killed the leader of al-Qaeda. Wearing armor, the military trained dog, thought to be a Belgian Malinois or German shepherdwasdevoted to a Navy Seal and lowered from a helicopter into the compound in Abbottabad. This dog was able to sniff out any explosives as well as find any rooms that are secret in this compound where bin Laden’s was. And if any had tried to run, the dog would certainly give chase.

4) Knut the Polar Bear Drowns2

Born in December 2006 at the Berlin Zoo, the cute, cuddly cub Knut, named Cute Knut became quickly the most famous polar bear in the world. When he died tragically at the age of 4, his passing made news headlines around the world.

He was famous due from his mother, who disallowed him after birth, leaving him having to be raised by zoo-keeper Thomas Dorflein. Or his fame could perhaps come from when he shared a cover of Vanity Fair with Leonardo DiCaprio in 2007, highlighting a photo of Knut that was taken by Annie Leibovitz. His life and dead is praise worthy for a movie. Knut buckled into a pool of water in his compound, while visitors by the hundreds watched in horror. Pathology experts announced that Knut’s cause of death was due to drowning, apparently due to a seizure caused from encephalitis, which is a swelling of the brain probably triggered by an infection.

3) Animal Terror in Ohio



62-year-old collector of exotic-animals Terry Thompson set all his animals free at his 73 acre Animal Farm, Muskingum County in Zanesville on Oct. 8th. Law enforcement was forced into extreme action and killed 49 animals including those of baboons, lions, black bears and very exceptional Bengal tigers.

Thompson then turned a gun on himself taking his own life. Experts fortified this decision to shoot to kill these animals in order to protect the public. It is still not known why Thompson released these animals, though some speculation that he was deeply in debt and having problems caring for the animals.
2) Libya and Afghanistan Zoos Survive War


If you were to play the game word association with either Libya or Afghanistan in 2011, the chances are that the word zoo would not make the top of the list. But both Kabul and Tripoli’s zoos played a slight if important part in the broader story. In Libya, the zoo was situated in the prior Gaddafi compound of Abu Salim where the employees and the animals had to deal with significant water and food scarcities. Ibrahim Basha, who is the head zoo- keeper for over 23 years, said the Gaddafi administrationregularly failed to keep up the payments monthly, and that it owed the company providing the food for the animals’ more than $1 and a half million. One of Gaddafi’s sons Saadi (who owned 9 of the 19 lions and loved to often check on progress), quit visiting.

1) Man’s Best Friend – To the End5

Dogs have not just been used this year in violent situations; they also wanted to show respects in delicate ones too. 35 year old Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson was one of 22 SEALs among 30 Americans who tragically were killed when their Chinook helicopter was shot down by Afghan insurrectionaries in August. At his master’s service, his cherished dog Hawkeye lay at the foot of the casket throughout the ceremony. This painful image of Hawkeye was surely one of the most poignant of the year.


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