The Bizarre Shapes We Get Our Pets Into By Not Feeding Them Properly

2/3 of professional veterinaries in Europe state that obesity in pets is the single largest health crisis facing domestic animals throughout Europe today, with 95 percent of those taking a survey identified early deaths as the most serious outcome of this condition. The cause of animal obesity is that many animals are basically eating more than they need with the excess being stored as fat, making the animal too heavy. By feeding a diet that is improper and contains too much carbohydrates and fats and too many snacks between meals without proper exercise – leads to this problem.

Here are some pictures of animals suffering from obesity:


It is estimated that 45% of all US pets are obese or overweight, according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. Of course the best treatment is prevention as it is never too late to help your pet stay in great shape.


Obesity is the most common nutritional disease in cats and dogs. It is more common in females with progressing age. Obese animals or animals with a 15% over prime body weight have higher incidents of heart disease, arthritis, diminished reproductive capacity, diabetes and greater dangers for any type surgery with anesthesia. Most research in both animals and people show that enlarged weight reduces life.3

It seems that our whole families including our pets have all evolved into a society that eats too much! All that is written above could be said of our children and our human population also. Our pets don’t get enough exercise since they are often left all day alone at home while their owners are out working in an office somewhere where they sit at a desk all day – so owners and pets get very little if any exercise. More and more of our pets and our children are developing type II diabetes requiring a better diet, exercise and medication.



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