5 Of The Most Unusual Animals As Pets

We are a society of lovers of animals and almost every family has a pet such a dogs, rabbits, cats and even horses all become members of the family. But, not all pets are so fluffy and cute! There are people who think far outside the box and pick a new pet to add to their home. If you are making that decision, check these 5 out. Just make certain that there are no restrictions on keeping any animals like these where you live as some or very unusual.


5) Tortoises, make really excellent pets1

but you will have to accept a long time companion. In fact, many tortoises usually outlive their human owner with some living for over 100 years. So this is an animal that you need to have prepared to take care of for a long time.


4) Sugar glider2

You are forgiven for not knowing what a sugar glider is. These are really cute little fellows that are actually part of the family of possum; their intro into domestic life as a pet has been relatively recent. They are very small and cute; sugar gliders are also very intelligent animals. They are very sociable and need lots of stimulations, which will take a lot of your attention. It is best to embrace a pair as they are able to keep company with each other, but they are nocturnal – so having 2 sugar gliders to keep you up during the night and they might cease to be so very appealing, after-all.


3) Macaws are absolutely beautiful 3

There are believed to be 17 various species, which come in colors that are so vibrant such as aqua blue, yellow, marine blue, bright red, and green. As a pet, macaws are fairly large but they are very intelligent. They are easy to train – not just to talk, but to obey certain commands. A pet such as this is that they will keep you on your toes, look incredible and will interact with you
..so what more could you want?


2) Donkeys41

The miniature kind are simply amazing especially with children and this makes them wonderful family pets. You might not be able to snuggle up on the couch with them (they are not really miniature) but they have characters that are simply lovely. You need to be prepared to take on a lot with a donkey – miniature or other kind. These animals do need company and often get depressed if you are keeping them on their own. This means that you cannot just have one miniature donkey, you need to have two. But they are so cute, 2 is just a bonus!


1) Micro Pig 5

The brand name ‘micro pig’ is a bit misleading. These little pigs will not stay the small size for all their live. They do end up growing to about 50-60 pounds, or the size of a dog. They still remain fairly very clever animals; they also can be house trained and taught tricks just as some other pets can be trained. This basically means that a micro pig can give you a sense of satisfaction that you receive when owning a dog but in a much more original way.


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