Five Examples Of Amazing 3D Street

3D street art is art that is developed and then put up in public spaces – usually in the street or large sidewalks. The term has come also top include traditional graffiti art, stencil graffiti, poster air, sculptures and other type of art displayed in public places.1

Actually optical illusions

Three dimensional street art seems to never get old – only more creative and these unique examples will prove it. Many say, sure, they all are just tricks the mind is playing, but they are conversation pieces.

3D Chalk Art

3D Street Art is often known as 3D chalk art and is actually 2-dimensional artwork that is drawn on the street itself. It gives a 3-dimensional optical illusion when seen from the correct perception. Some of it can be quite breathtaking, captivating and realistic once you get the correct angle.


3D street art is gaining in popularity. Many brands that are notable are taking advantage of the public’s interest in 3D street art to build the brand for their services or products.

2This looks like a real picture of a dolphin and boy playing but it is just a chalk drawing and an illusion when seen from the correct angle.

When seen from the correct angle this looks like something you don’t want to fall into but actually it is really flat.41
Don’t fall into this subway tunnel – someone needs to fix this before someone get hurt! Nope – just an illusion made with chalk.5

As you can see, some of these get quite elaborate and look so real – you have to remember that the genius is in the drawing in the first place. The second genius is knowing what to do to make this look real at the right view.

All this work and no one can buy it and take it home to hang on the wall.


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