News Items That Are Bizarre But True

It was reported last year by ABC that a Russian historian and journalist was arrested after the authorities found in his apartment the remains of approximately 26 corpses.

Parents came home from summer vacationgot the jolt of their life when they found their son had these corpses in the apartment they shared with him, according to Russian tabloid.


Anatoly Moskvin, 45 was arrested in Nizhny Novgorod a Russian city after the police officials found his apartment full with the decaying remains. It seems that Moskvin had an attraction with cemeteries and according to the Telegraph has visited over 750 of them. Some neighbors said that he was writing a book about this region’s cemeteries.

Dressed in women’s clothes

It is reported that Moskvin has dressed the corpses all in women’s clothing like they were dolls and the corpses were all young women between the ages of 15 to 25. The Telegraph said that this gruesome collection was originally found by Moskva’s parents when they got back from their summer home. It looks as if Moskvin had spent the summer digging up two of the local graveyards to get the skeletal remains.

Odd but true!

But the story of dead bodies doesn’t end here. In an incident just as bizarre, a video gamer died while in an Internet club inNew Taipei whileplaying games and his dead body had stayed there unnoticed by over 9 hours.

Gamer Dies

The 23 year old Chen Rong-Yu, died on the night of January 31 seemingly from a heart attack described as massive. His body remained sitting rigidly on a chair with the hands stretched out to the keyboard, agencies reported.

No one noticed

His body remained there through the night and most of the nearly 30 fellow gamers present in the same café failed to note the death. A waitress finally noticed the dead body on the following day and alerted the police.

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