Things About Earth That You Never Knew

As many countless photos taken from space shows, Earth is round – appearances, however, can always be deceiving. In fact, planet Earth isn’t perfectly round.

Don’t get me wrong – no members of the ‘Flat Earth Society’ here. The Earth is a sphere, but due to gravitational powers it is not a circle that is. Actually Earth does have a rather large lump around the equator because of this. The Earth’s Equatorial radius is 3,963.34 miles while its Polar radius is 3,949.99 miles. That’s right: the Earth has ‘love handles’. In fact it looks something like this!1

Twin planet

But that isn’t the only thing that is bizarre about our planet. Experts now believe that at some time in earth’s early existence, it was not alone in orbit of the Sun – earth has a planet ’twin’ referred to as Theia, and was approximately the size of Mars. It shared the same orbit with us and was either 60 degrees behind Earth or 60 degrees in front of our Big Blue planet. Then one afternoon about 4.533 billion years ago, something caused Theia to smash into Earth; the majority of that planet was immersed into Earth, but a rather large chunk did blow off and combined with other materials from Earth to create – the Moon.


Why do scientists believe this? It is due to the fact that our Moon is very bizarrely large for any planet the size of Earth and the Moon also has ‘metallic isotopes’ comparable to those found on Earth. The collision probably looked something like this:


These are interesting thoughts about our planet Earth and it is certain there are many morebizarre facts that are hard to believe.


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