Bizarre Displays Of Public Art

3) The Blue Mustang, Denver, Colorado:2

Art critics have very few words for this sculpture at the fairly new Denver International Airport: bizarre, evil, creepy, uninviting. But even the critics cannot negate that this huge mustang rearing up is dazzling. The 32-ft-high “Blue Mustang” is made with polished blue steel, with blazing eyes and is, well, physically correct.

2) Bus Home in Ventura, Calif:3

If you have ever questioned where old buses go after dying, they do not end up at the old Bus Home. This thirty-six-feet-high sculpture looks more like bus hell. This turning, soaring, twisting, piece of art was planned by artist Dennis Oppenheimer 2002. It shows a bus becoming a home — or could it be the other way around?

1) Crown Fountain, Chicago:11

Overlook viewing art; at Chicago’s Crown Fountain is where you ARE the art. This video and interactive sculpture with LED screens displays 50-foot photos of locals in Chicago; actual water flows from the screens, making it look as if water is flowing out of their mouths. Whether it is art or not, it is definitely nothing you will find in a museum.


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