The Bizarre History Of the Largest Diamond Mine In the World

The Mir Mine is the excavation of a formation that is geological referred to as a ‘kimberlite pipe’ happening when a volcano that is very deep explodes far beneath the surface of the earth, propelling diamonds and other type of materials at speeds ranging from merely 10 kilometers per hour to supersonic what is numerous hundred kilometers per hour. These eruptions happens so far deeper than classic volcanoes that they don’t form large deposits above ground, though they do at time create ‘tuff rings’ that are surrounding a depression that is filled with material that ejaculated.1

Overcoming harsh winters

Before the Mirny pipe would be able to produce diamonds, the engineers in Siberia needed to find methods of overpowering the extremelytoughcircumstances at the site of the mine. During the seven months that are the coldest steel tools would break like match sticks, oil would froze into rock-solid blocks, and every rubber tires shattered like delicate crockery in these temperatures that were sub-zero. Furthermore, when summer came, the first layer of permafrost would melt into a swamp of mud that was not controllable mud.

Sakha Diamond Company

This Mir mine was the largest and the first diamond mine in the Soviet Union. Its operation on the surface lasted 44 years, finally closing in 2001. After the USSR collapse in the 1990s, the mine was run by the Sakha diamond company, and reported annual profits of over $600 million form diamond sales along.

Alrosa Diamond Company Russia

Later the mine was run by Alrosa, the largest diamond producing company in Russia and they had 3,600 workers. It had been estimated that mining diamonds by conservative surface mining would end. So, in the 1970sassembly began of a web of tunnels so underground diamond recovery could start. By 1999, this project operated only as an underground mine. So to make the uncontrolled surface main pit stable its bottom was protected by a layer of rubble 45 meters thick. After underground mining began, the project had what is called a ‘mine life’ that was predictablebeing 27 years and that was established on a drilling surveyproject to the depth of 1,220 meter. The Mir mine was perpetually closed in 2004.


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