A Strange Place To Open up a McDonalds – Gorgeous Georgian Mansion

There is absolutely no reason for any historical building to be bulldozer or abandoned to the ground! There is always a way to save homes and buildings especially when they have a history to it.1

There are many unique or strange McDonalds in the US, including a river boat restaurant on the Mississippi River in St. Louis, Missouri; a colonial-themed restaurant in Independence, Ohio; and a Golden Arches brightly lit right in the middle of Times Square. But, the most unusual McDonalds location on US soil can now be found in New Hyde Park, NY, where the McDonalds franchise opened its business in a Georgian mansion that was built in 1795.

Prior to someone finding fault with the corporate giant for opening this restaurant in a historical landmark, it should be noted that this mansion – known as the Denton House – was uninhibited and nearly on the verge of collapse before McDonalds’ bought this property in the 1980s.

The Denton House was built in the late 1702 as a house on a farm. In the mid-1800s, the property was renovated and later used as a commercial funeral home. When McDonalds’ showed up to buy the property, residents of New Hyde Park were quite upset at the idea that the franchise was coming to town planning to tear the building down.2

Residents pleaded this case to local politicians to grant status of grant landmark to the Denton House, and this meant that McDonalds’ won’t be allowed to take this building down.

So it ended, with residents getting their wish to preserve this spot and McDonalds had no other choice but to restore the building to its former glory and open a new restaurant.


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