Largest “Holes” On Planet Earth

Some say that holes are the wrath of God on earth – passageways to hell. Many people who read this will probably agree but that is probably not the case. Some huge holes that are in various areas of the world are due to human works such as mining, as manylarge holes are actually mining shafts long ago abandoned or due to large meteor showers or something just fell out of the sky making the dinosaurs die and today are popular spots to vacation.

Whether it’s the Mirny Diamond Mine in Siberia, Great Blue Hole of Belze or the Burning Gates of Turkmenistan, all do attract lots of tourists and thrill seekers each year just to see, buy a souvenir and take a picture.

Mirny Diamond Mine of Siberia1


Great Blue Hole – Belize2


Burning Gates of Turkmenistan3


Kimberley Big Hole – South Africa41


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